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by cKnoor

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Original Thread: Let's play Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition!



Welcome back, to yet another Blood Bowl LP!

What the fuck is Blood Bowl?Baldurdash Youtube HD Download
I want this LP to be newbie friendly, and for that reason I’ve put together a video explaining the basics of the game. This video covers the basic concept, what the different races look like, player stats and last but not least how stuff works ingame. It doesn't cover everything, but hopefully it will be enough for new viewers to be able to follow along in the upcoming match videos.

It’s been a while since the last one dwindled down to nothing, and I’ve got the urge to give it another go. This time I’ll be playing the Cyanide PC version of Blood Bowl, this means “pretty” 3d graphics and no more ugly looking screenshots from an old java client. It also means an up to date rule set and most importantly fancy looking videos rather than screenshots with arrows on them. A VLP of Blood Bowl will be really different from previous outings with Blood Bowl LPs. And I’m not really sure it will work but I’m willing to give it a go, to make sure the videos won’t last forever I’ll be cutting them down to remove instances where me or my opponent just take our time and plan our moves. Hopefully this should ensure that the videos don’t go on for longer than 20-25minutes per half.

Biggest difference, other than format, is that I won’t be alone this time around, I’ve got EthanSteele helping me out with commentary and we might bring in some extra guests if we feel like it. I’m sure most of the commentary is just going to be about how badly I played a round, but as I said I’m willing to give it a go.

You are more than welcome to challenge me if you have a team with a rating that’s close to the LP team. I’m in GMT+1 so it might get tricky to organize something if you’re in New Zealand but it has worked in earlier threads and should work this time.

Match 1 - v. Hot Lead Allegory - first halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 1 - v. Hot Lead Allegory - second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 1 results and buy options

Match 2 - v. Blister - first halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 2 - v. Blister - second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 2 results and buy options

Voting results

Match 3 - v. Wadeye Deathtrip / A Perfect Twist - first halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 3 - v. Wadeye Deathtrip / A Perfect Twist - second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 3 results and buy options

Voting results

Match 4 - v. Leperflesh - first halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 4 - v. Leperflesh - second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 4 results and buy options

Voting results

Match 5 - v. Nuggan - first halfBaldurdashYoutubeDownload
Match 5 - v. Nuggan - second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 5 results and buy options

Voting results

Match 6 - v. N.N.Ashe - first halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 6 - v. N.N.Ashe - second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 6 results and buy options

Voting results

Match 7 - v. PosSibley - first halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 7 - v. PosSibley - second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 7 results and buy options

Voting results

Match 8 - v. Shogun - first halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 8 - v. Shogun - second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload

Match 9 - v. Furril - first halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 9 - v. Furril - second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 9 results and buy options

Voting results

Match 10 - v. TwoToneShoes - first halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 10 - v. TwoToneShoes - second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 10 results and buy options

Voting Results

Match 11 - v. EthanSteele - first halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 11 - v. EthanSteele - second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 11 results and buy options

Voting Results

Match 12 - v. ChrisAsmadi - first halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 12 - v. ChrisAsmadi - second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 12 results and buy options

Voting Results

Match 13 - v. Chronotron - first halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 13 - v. Chronotron - second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 13 results and buy options

Match 14 - v. 7cent Nickel / Anani Masu - first halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 14 v. 7cent Nickel / Anani Masu - second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 14 results and buy options

Match 15 v. Istvun/Ewie - First halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 15 v. Istvun/Ewie - Second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 15 results and buy options

Voting Results

Match 16 v. Furril - First halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 16 v. Furril - Second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 16 results and skill options

Voting Results

Match 17 v. Shogun - first halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 17 v. Shogun - second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 17 results and skill options

Voting Results

Match 18 v. IcePhoenix - first halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 18 v. IcePhoenix - second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 18 results and skill options

Voting Results

Match 19 v.EvilUrchin - first halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 19 v.EvilUrchin - second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 19 results and skill options

Voting Results

Match 20 v. Istvun/Ewie - First halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 20 v. Istvun/Ewie - Second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 20 results and buy options

Voting Results

Match 21 v. The Hater - First halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 21 v. The Hater - Second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 21 results and buy options

Voting Results

Match 22 v. RChimpCola - First halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 22 v. RChimpCola - Second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 22 results and buy options

Voting Results

Match 23 v. Nuggan - First halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 23 v. Nuggan - Second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 23 results and buy options

Voting Results

Match 24 v. Orfeo - First halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 24 v. Orfeo - Second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 24 results and buy options

Match 25 v. Washout - First halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 25 v. Washout - Second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 25 results and buy options

Match 26 v. Plutonic Cheddar - First halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 26 v. Plutonic Cheddar - Second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 26 results and buy options

Match 27 v. AJ_Impy - First halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 27 v. AJ_Impy - Second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 27 results and buy options

Voting Results

Match 28 v. Burginator - First halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 28 v. Burginator - Second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 28 results and buy options

Match 29 v. CongoJack - first halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 29 v. CongoJack - Second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 29 results and buy options

Voting Results

Match 30 v. WanderingNewbie - First halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Match 30 v. WanderingNewbie - Second halfBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload

Odds, ends and Credits BaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Voting results

Games Played:

#1   Hot Lead Allegory                    Human
#2   Blister                              Wood Elf
#3   Wadeye Deathtrip / A Perfect Twist   Goblin
#4   Leperflesh                           Orc
#5   Nuggan                               Dark Elf
#6   N.N.Ashe                             Lizardmen
#7   PosSibley                            Skaven
#8   Shogun                               Dwarf
#9   Furril                               Chaos
#10  TwoToneShoes                         Wood Elf
#11  EthanSteele                          Human
#12  ChrisAsmadi                          Orc
#13  Chronotron                           Skaven
#14  7cent Nickel / Anani Masu            Lizardmen
#15  Istvun / Ewie                        Halfling
#16  Furril                               Amazon
#17  Shogun                               Ogre
#18  IcePhoenix                           Undead
#19  EvilUrchin                           Norse
#20  Istvun / Ewie                        Khemri
#21  The Hater                            Nurgle
#22  RChimp Cola                          Orc
#23  Nuggan                               Necromantic
#24  Orfeo                                Pro Elf
#25  Washout                              Vampire
#26  Plutonic Cheddar                     High Elf
#27  AJ_Impy                              Nurgle
#28  Burginator                           Khemri
#29  CongoJack                            Goblins
#30  WanderingNewbie                      Khemri

Vaga42Bond presents a shitty argument about how Ethan should be head coach.

A valid argument by Beeswax

By Acetaldehyde
 It makes more sense if you watch match 19 

Clearly Ronnie doesn't have enough names. My vote is Mighty Blow.
By Dirt Worshipper

By Acetaldehyde

By Magnetic North, and argument for giving Mr.Hadwick dodge.

Well, it seems to be between Dodge and +MA, so let's get Handpuppet Hadwick (tm) to demonstrate the skills in question!

Lookit him go! Dodge, Haddie, Dodge!
By SnafuAl

Ha! With his MA 8, Haddie can easily escape from that Saurus! Silly Lizzie, you can't catch Mr Hadwick!
By SnafuAl

The whole final play - Match 18 first half

GIF By Nuggan


By Nuggan

By Rogue

By Acetaldehyde

By Acetaldehyde

The greatest (and possibley the only) Blood Bowl song ever made.

By Rogue

Claw, eh? Time for some Chaos Math!

Hells yeah! Just imagine what could be done to those smug elves...

A very tasteful argument for voting claw on the cow, by SnafuAl

Clearly Claw is the way to go! Are you going to deny the Cow a grapple-arm?

Shogunate made this lovely picture of the bestest beastman ever.

Some gifs by Nuggan


By Indolent Bastard

Goons, allow me to present DWARF BOWL!
By Nuggan

Match 7 - Ndamukow Moo

By Acetaldehyde

Kharak is burning
By Nuggan

After match 10 - The Mange
Fucker got a -str decrease, we can't have that.

By Acetaldehyde

Match 18 - Hasselhoof

By Acetaldehyde

By SnafuAl

By Rogue

By CommunistMojo

PosSibley posted:

Let the world know
If you want questions answered about tactics or rules, you're looking to start/join a goon league, or just want a pvp match that

is a place to do it. (You can even use mibbit or other browser based clients to join if you don't wanna download an irc client.)
The channel is a strange amalgamation of cyanide and fumbbl, new people and old people, religious foulers and speechless idlers, but nuffle hates us all equally. There's also this thread.
Sorry for spamming/shameless advertising, but I thought people knew of these things.

Since this is the Cyanide version of the game we don’t have all the races from the latest rules revision available to use. So it’s got to be one of these races:

cKnoor sez: Big, ugly and green, the orks are one of blood bowl’s bashiest teams. They’ve got Black Ork Blockers with str 4 and some pretty decent Blitzers. The general strategy with orks seems to be to go into a cage and move slowly down the field trying to hurt the other team while moving. They are not a high scoring team and even though they have a pretty decent thrower for a passing game, they don’t have any catchers which means that even if you manages to do a good pass you might not be able to catch it when it lands.
Ethan sez: Orks are a great all round team with very strong positionals and tough, albeit slow, linemen. Being able to field 4 Black Orks and 4 Blitzers at once gives Orks some amazing muscle to to work with, but the Troll big guy is a liability more than anything else. Goblins have a niche spot on an Ork team, but to be honest the rest of the team is so good that they are pretty scarce.

cKnoor says: A pretty average team in that they aren’t really the best at anything. On the other hand they’re really good at a lot of things. They have good catchers with a high movement, so you can easily score a touchdown in two rounds, and since you’ve got a total of 16 rounds at your disposal you can score a decent number of touchdowns in a game. They flipside is that the catchers are pretty puny with only str 2 so they are not that great at holding onto the ball.
Ethan says: Humans are the average with a leaning towards the passing game, especially with the super fast catchers. Humans can run rings around most teams and even man-mark elves reasonably well. Humans tend to have the most varied playstyle, as they can run a passing game against bashy teams and run a meatgrinder game on fast teams. Overall a Human team has a lot of potential as long as you are a flexible coach.

cKnoor says: Blood bowl’s other heavy hitting team. They only have to different positional where the Chaos Warriors are pretty awesome, they have str 4 and good enough agility to handle the ball and they can take mutations when they earn a new skill. The downside to Chaos is that they start with almost no skills and that makes it hard to control the ball, once they do get some skills they are one of the best teams in Blood Bowl. However to get an awesome chaos team can be an act of frustration and at times boredom.
Ethan says: Early Chaos are awful; they can't handle the ball reliably and they don't really have the skills to get truly punchy without causing turnovers either. The upside is after about 3 or 4 games Chaos will kill everyone! Mutations can replace many other skills/stat boosts allowing you to have a pair of elfbowling Beastmen and a can-opener Chaos Warrior that will take out key targets on the opposition team with little effort. A good team if you're patient (and bloodthirsty). Also Chaos Warriors look really dumpy in this version.

cKnoor says: They are an odd bunch, the Sauruses are strong and pretty fast, but they have such a low agility that they can’t hold the ball or dodge away from opposing players. The skins on the other hand are fast and agile but can’t take any time of beating what so ever.
Ethan says: My second favourite team. Fast players that hit like a truck and even faster players than can dodge like there is no tomorrow. Only problem is the strong guys get bogged down easily and the small guys turn to paste if anyone looks at them. Lizardmen teams take finesse and the sort of patience required to sunbathe on a rock for 3 hours every morning.

cKnoor says: Short, slow and really high armor values, when you’re playing dwarves you’re playing with an ice glacier. The dwarves are slow, but hard to break, onces they get the ball and put it in a cage it’s an act of frustration to get it back out. On the other hand they are pretty easy to out run since they can’t keep up with any of the faster teams.
Ethan says: Literal shit. Boring to play as and even more boring to play against. You'll win every game 2-1 but nobody will do anything exciting and you might as well watch paint dry.

cKnoor says: I played skaven in the last LP I did, and I do like them, they’re fast, fragile but pretty cheap so it’s not that big an issue. And more importantly they, just like chaos, can take mutations when the roll for skill increases. The one big issue with skaven are they gutter runners, they are the fastest players in Blood Bowl, and as such they tend to “steal” all the touch downs. This in turn means that it’s hard to not end up with a team with a few really powerful gutter runners and a bunch of more or less useless teammates.
Ethan says: On paper they are humans but worse. The linerats die in droves, but they are cheap and at least the Gutter Runners (the real stars of the team) are safe! They are basically elves but worse/with a bit of muscle which leads to some exciting games until your Rat Ogre has to have a nap.

Elves in general
cKnoor says: All elf races have two things in common, they players have a high agility making them great and playing a passing game, commonly referred to as “elfbowl”, and they are really expensive. That means that you really need to protect your players, if they die you might not have enough money to guy a replacement. And playing with a less than full team is not recommended.

Wood Elves
cKnoor says: They will out pass and out run most other teams in Blood Bowl, and then have a grat big stonking Treeman as their Big Guy. They also have the best Blitzer type player in Blood Bowl, the Wardancer. He/she/it can block dodge and leap as soon as you buy him/her/it. Did I mention that they are all really expensive and break easily?
Ethan says: The fastest team in the game. They can throw and pass and dance and have some tricks to get them through punchy situations. Be warned though, just as the opposition team can't expect to hold on to the ball, the Wood Elf team can't expect to have everyone come out alive.

Dark Elves
cKnoor says: These guys aren’t as good at passing as the wood elves, since they are a bit slower. They are however a bit more durable and have a few more Blitzer and their Witch Elves for some reasons wear bikini tops in this version of Blood Bowl. Out of the Elf races available these are probably my favourites, they have a good balance between passing, running and killing the opposing team.
Ethan says: My top favourite team. Not as fast as other elves, but they can eliminate players better than Orks when used properly (don't lose that Witch Elf)! They are great at playing with balls and they wear cowboy boots, so they earn definite style points which are then promptly lost by the Witch elves.

cKnoor says: They are a gimmick team and I don’t like them, they are boring to play as and boring to play against.
Ethan says: Super gimmicky and they'll probably cripple one or two of your guys. Absolutely terrible, but better and cooler than dwarves.

Ok here are the quick summaries for the teams that are new to Legendary Edition! by EthanSteele

High Elves: Used to be the average Elves and since Dark Elves changed to a running game they have become the... even more average Elves. Good at passing!

Pro Elves: Like High Elves, but even better at passing due to amazing catchers and they start with some cool skills like Nerves of Steel and Sidestep. These are the best Elves in every way and an amazing team all round.

Nurgle's Rotters: Like Chaos, but slower, tougher and more defence oriented. They have skills to disrupt the passing game of other teams as well as Regeneration on their Warriors and Goats. They can only have 4 Goats, but instead they have "Rotters" which are just slow human Linemen that get two injuries every time they are hurt. Some players have a chance to resurrect anyone they kill as a Rotter.

Undead: Strong and Tough, but outside of up to four Ghouls they are a slow team. A good running game and access to two ST5 Big Guys with no negative trait in the Mummies as well as Regeneration on everyone but Ghouls make them a hard team to keep down. Anyone they kill has a chance to come back as a free Zombie.

Necromantic: Not as bashy as regular Undead, but much faster with an amazing running game. They swap two of their Ghouls for Werewolves, the fastest and meanest positionals in the game and instead of Mummies they have Flesh Golems, ST4 guys with Stand Firm and Regeneration from the start!

Khemri: Egypt themed and Real bad. All Skeletons and 2 extra Mummies does not a team make and no one can handle the ball properly. You're supposed to play them like bad dwarves, but that sucks so just have fun with a jokey team that will sometimes score millions of touchdowns by using horrible Mummy curses on your opponent's dice or something.

Vampires: The Vampires are amazing players with great skill access and ST4/AG4 as well as the ability to remove an opposing player's tackle zones. Being Vampires though they sometimes need a little blood so they'll go "Off for a Bite" and have to drink one of your linemen's blood, which can get as bad as Badly Hurt from the ordeal. Speaking of the Linemen they are just average all round, but that's ok because the Vampires are good enough to do just about everything anyway.

Halflings: Joke team, but still cool! Halflings are some of the worst players in the game, but they can have two Treemen and get a huge discount on Halfling Chefs. You're supposed to play at a huge TV disadvantage and buy loads of inducements.

Ogres: A team of Big Guys without Loner combined with the worst players in the game, Snotlings! Snotlings can't really do anything and then they die. The Ogres however have the potential to be a force to be reckoned with, but they could also just stand around with no tackle zones.

Amazons: Basically Humans, but easier to hurt and they all start with Dodge. That means every one on the team can become a Blodger!

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