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by cKnoor

Part 50: Voting results

These are the last of the sirens.

I've really enjoyed doing this LP, and it turn out waay waay better than expected. So I felt like I had to do a finally video just to wrap everything up. It's got a bit of everything, my settings for BB:LE if you wanted to make you own videos, some stats and what I really think about all the players. But most importantly, credits.


Warrior of Nutrition managed to get some well deserved Block which means he's useful now! Hooray!

Guys? What the fuck happened here? Both Pro and Very Long Legs are shit skills for Hadwick. For one he's the main scorer and ball carrier so I'd never use Pro to re-roll something. Sure I could use it if I waste my re-roll on an earlier action in the turn. But that's not really going to happen very often, and I probably wouldn't risk an action that results in a dice roll if I'm already out of reroll for the turn.
VLL makes even less sense since he's almost never between a thrower and a catcher.
I thought we had made it passed this whole business with giving me shit skills to work with.
I hope you're all very happy with yourselves!

And after 30 games, we have a really awesome looking team.

Plutonic Cheddar posted:

Great LP cKnorr, and thanks for allowing me to be one of your opponents. I'll admit that I will miss the antics of the Changers, especially Mikey. Maybe they could make an appearance if the second BB LP got that far? I'd love watching two teams with entirely wrong skill-sets trying to wail on each other, honestly.
That's all up to Yapo and I wouldn't want to impose, that said if he ever wanted to play The Chargers I'd do my best to make sure that happens.

Once again, thanks for watching, voting and posting. I've had a blast!

Edit: Fucking Nuggan, ruins everything, might post a new version of the credits where I don't misspell stuff tomorrow. Only time will tell.