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Part 48: Match 29 results and buy options

Krunch now with more graphs!

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That was a pretty rough game, for two reasons.
1) Goblins are assholes and I'm not used to playing them.
2) Freaking skulls.

Luckily, or unluckily depending on your perspective, CongoJack wasn't much better off, while I rolled a lot of skulls (and my first triple skull in a long while) he rolled about the same amount of 1s. So I guess it evened out in the end. Some times the dice goes against you and there isn't to much you can do about it.
I'll probably shift my tactic a bit if I ever play goblins again, go more for the crunchy players and get away from the trolls. And I'll try and intercept even more bombs next time.

Here are some cool graphs.
Dice rolls

Block rolls

ll cow j managed to level up by hurting a fanatic. He rolled nothing amazing, but a 2nd skill is always good. He can pick any Mutation or Strength skill, General is off limits as he did not roll a double.

There's lots to vote about this time around, let's start with the easy bit:

1) ll cow j's new skill.
2) Skullpoker, kick or keep?

Skullpoker suffered a -av injury, which means he's out for a game and when he's back he'll permanently be down to only AV7. That's a bit shit, he does have tackle and wrestle which is a bit awesome. We can kick him now and buy a new beastman or we keep him and suffer the consequences.
3)Grumblegoat Manslapper, kick or keep?
Grumblegoat managed to get a niggling injury, in essence that means that every time he's knocked down and an opponent breaks armour they get a +1 on the following injury roll. That means he's more likely to get hurt in the future. He does have kick and wrestle and 2 SPP away from a 3rd skill, which is nice. If we kick him I'll buy a fresh beastman for the next game.

Some tricky choices there, I know what I would have done, but it's not up to me. It's all up to you...