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by cKnoor

Part 27: Voting Results

Voting over

Cooler heads won out this time and we managed to grab Guard for the cow. I like this choice, it gives me more strength on the LoS and more importantly it buffs my CWs on the LoS. So far I've only managed to block out an entire LoS while on offence and that happened in the last game. So we really need some extra strength there. Claw is decent enough, but we've already had a cow with claw and he died, and let's be honest our cow isn't great at blocking. He's really good at keeping tacklezones and keeping players stuck to him though.

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The team is now at a nice TV of 1830. Increasing the TV is going to be a bit slower from now on unless we buy more guys for the team. But we seem to be doing fine with 13 players, so any more would probably help my opponents rather than punish them.