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Blood Bowl

by cKnoor

Part 36: Match 21 results and buy options

Now with no cow Edition

Results 2 - 2

I had fun, I was expecting a bashy game, but in the end we played it pretty elfy. I could have waited another turn to score in the 2nd half and put even more pressure on The Hater in the last few turns. I'm not feeling too bad about it though, he had to make a Long Bomb to get it into the end zone and I didn't have the manpower nor the agility to stop a play like that. Add to that the fact that I managed about the same play in the first half with an interception. I feel that 2-2 was a fair score in the end.

More importantly though than fairness, we managed to level up Grumblegoat Manslapper. He's already got kick which means I've tried to keep him off the pitch when on offence, as kick does nothing for him, so it's better to keep him safe. He's pretty much on the pitch when Sett is off it. He rolled a regular roll, so he can pick anything from the list below.

Since we bought a new Cow last round we now only have 250k in the bank. Then again we don't need to buy anything so it's just going to sit there and do nothing for us.

I'm always up for adding more challengers to the challenge list, however make sure that you issue your challenge in a correct way. You need to post in the thread and challenged me with a team (include name and race plz) and send me a message either with a PM, over Skype, twitter or on gmail. Once that is done I'll add you to the list.

Oh and the list itself is not set in stone, races that have yet played the Changers will probably get a game earlier than something we've faced before.

Edit: ll cow j managed to get the MVP, which is really good news that means he only has to hurt a guy real bad to get his first level up.