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Part 13: Voting results

Voting is now closed


Mr.Hadwick got himself some extra movement, it wasn't pretty much a landslide victory. He's pretty close to his third level up so hopefully this extra movement will get him to that next skill just a bit quicker.


Ronnie James Dio may not have had as big a landslide victory in the votes, but it was still a pretty large majority that voted for Guard. This means we now have a replacement for the hole The Cow left us in the middle of the LoS.

Lastly, the issue of buying a new player or not.

Get another beastman: 38 votes
Save that shit for a Mino: 40 votes

The mourners won the vote in the closes voting round so far, only two votes between the blocks! This means that we'll be going into the next game, against dwarfs, with only 11 players. However there is a "bright" side, since our opponent has a team in the TV1400 range and we're stuck at the TV12000 range we will be getting some inducements, so we might be able to buy a mercenary for the next game to give us some more meat on the line.

Current teamroster

I'll try and include an up to date roster for the video updates from now on.