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Blood Bowl

by cKnoor

Part 5: Voting results

Voting is now closed

Ronnie James Dio

Dio got some Block just like Kozilek, which means that we now have a really strong LoS.

Sett Carve

After what in the end was a pretty close vote we finally have a beastman with Strong Arm.

Mister Hadwick

In a move that surprised no one Mister Hadwick managed to walk away with an extra arm, probably stole from a goblin. We now have a beastman that might be able to catch the ball, meaning he will steal all TDs from now on.  not really 

Current team

TeamValue is now a solid 1200, which is pretty good going considering we've only played 3 matches. Next game is probably against Orks though, so we might loose all of our guys to green skin fever.

Edit: The beastman in the upper right is Mikey the Bestest Beastman.