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Part 35: Voting Results

Voting over

It was a pretty even vote for buy or not buying a new beastman and a less than even vote for keeping,kicking or buying a new minotaur. In the end, we didn't buy a new beastman. It lost to not buying one by about 15 votes.

Getting a new minotaur however won't by a freaking landslide.

He's fresh and has decent beats, and he doesn't have guard or tentacles. On the other hand he doesn't have lower agility or lower armor value either. I'm hoping to get some SPPs on him as soon as possible, and I'll try my best to blitz a bit more with this one rather than keep him on the line.

With a new cow our TV is bumped back up to a health 1750, and we've got 12 players available to us for the next game. Which means we can probably keep Sett out of trouble for a full half.

Edit: Oh and that trick with changing the team motto after buying a player and then saving seems to have worked!