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Blood Bowl

by cKnoor

Part 38: Match 22 results and buy options

Ok, so all I have to do is the the green mean machine.

Results 1 - 0

That went well, it didn't go quite as expected, but I am pleased that I managed to knock the ball lose as often as I did and then out run the Orks with a Chaos Warrior. Perhaps not the most exciting game so far. But that's pretty expected when two bashy games meet.
We could probably have squeezed out a few more touch down if we weren't playing as defensive as we where, but then again. I don't think me nor RChimpCola wanted to let the other team score.

In an amazing turn of events the cow got the 2nd mvp in a row meaning he leveled up. He can pick either a strength of mutation skill. You know what to do...

We've got a lot but we don't need to buy anything so, heh

I'm always up for adding more challengers to the challenge list, however make sure that you issue your challenge in a correct way. You need to post in the thread and challenged me with a team (include name and race plz) and send me a message either with a PM, over Skype, twitter or on gmail. Once that is done I'll add you to the list.

Oh and the list itself is not set in stone, races that have yet played the Changers will probably get a game earlier than something we've faced before.