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by cKnoor

Part 47: Match 28 results and buy options

Sometimes I just can't think of anything witty to write here

Results  1 - 1 

I am pretty pleased with a draw, in the 2nd half Khemri started to get the upper hand and their str advantage meant I couldn't really hurt them as much as I wanted to. The loss of a few dudes on the pitch also meant that I would be unable to mark the Khemri team and limit their movement.

I made some mistakes, but there wasn't much that could have stopped Burginator from scoring, nothing but a few bad rolls... They didn't happen, which in turn is a bit of a relief in a way, as it sucks when you win due to the other playing just rolling badly. And I reckon my "winning by playing really good" strategy kind fo failed in the first half whan I couldn't resist crowdsurfing some Tomb Guardians.

It's a shame we've lots Mikey for the next game, but other than that we didn't suffer any injuries at all. From what I gather that's not what usually happens when you play the Brogers.

Gonna go find someone else to play now.

I'm going to try my best and honor all the challenges so far, but I will be removing the coaches on the list that has already played me ones. That way I'll have a better overview. It doesn't mean there won't be any games against coaches I've already played, just less likely. I hope this is considered too rude, I'd rather just spread the love is all.