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Blood Bowl

by cKnoor

Part 22: Match 13 results and buy options

Saturday Night Blood Bowl

Results 0 -1

Ugh, losing is bad, it would have been nice to have a tie, but a loss with no permanent injuries isn't that bad. We didn't lose fan factor and we got a nice chuck of change. Biggest drawback to losing is that I wasn't able to give Hasselhoof any SPP for scoring. But oh well. Can't complain with only two losses in 13 games.

MonkeyDonkey played a good game and I think it shows that I've grown a bit used to playing teams of equal or lower speed. My gameplay is not used to quick gutter runners with Dauntless ruining my life.

Stuff to vote on
No one got a freaking skill increase so instead you get to vote on what we should do with the 130k we got in the bank.

I'm always looking for challengers, the team is right now at TV1790 and that will go up a bit after we buy some shit. I've got a Lizardmen game planned, and a then something else that I can't quite remember. If you want to play the charges send me a PM or skype message and post a challenge in the thread.