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Part 26: Match 16 results and skill options

Punching womens in the boobs since last friday

Results : 1 - 1

I've come to realize that I play a lot better in the 2nd half compared to the first in most games. I think it has to do with how the team is setup, in that my players usually stay on the pitch for a bit longer than most of my opponents. This in turn is a pretty odd way of playing for someone used to playing AV7 teams, but I do like it. In any case, it would have been nice to be able to beat the shit out of Furril, which sadly did not happen. So far we've drawn to games and it might be a long time til we play again seeing as I've got a lot of people challenging me (which is awesome btw).

Oh, and I do apologize for the commentary being a bit duller this time, I decided to record it with ethan a bit later in the evening than I should have. Being really tired doesn't do much for stringing a sentence together.

Stuff to think about (and vote on)

Cowman Sandiego leveled up!
He didn't roll anything special though.
Still a new skill is a new skill, he can pick anything from either the mutation or strength skillset. I'd like to point out that this is a pretty important pick for the cow, he levels up slowly and the next skill is pretty far away. Whatever you pick will heavily influence how he's played. So pick carefully, by know you should know what my playstyle is so some picks will suit my playstyle better than others. Don't let that stop you though.

We've currently got 280k gold in the bank, which is really neat. That means we can recover any one or two losses we suffer in the next game.

We've got a whole bunch of new team to show off, that means I need more teams to play against. If you have a team that you want to challenge me with post in the thread and send me a PM/e-mail/skype message.
If I recall correctly I've got an Ogre team up next. Changer TV currently sits at TV1810.

We've had some challenges lately with races already on the waiting list and I'm not really sure the best way of handling it. I want everyone to get a chance to play, but at the same time I do want to be able to get a game played pretty early on after a vote has ended and this is much easier when I go down a list rather than try and sort it after who deserves the next game the most.
So here's my current solution, I'm going to go down the list chronologically, but if a later entry challenges an earlier entry to a mirror match and wins, then I'll play the winner first. This only applies to same race challenges, so you can't skip ahead in the cue by challenging an elf team with an ork team (it's not like you'd win anyways). You'll need to post the replay and a short match report for the game in the thread for the win to count though.

Oh and if anyone wants any of my replays for any of the games in the thread, just ask.

Edit: I did like the gif btw.