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Part 4: Match 3 results and buy options

3 - 1
Current team

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The good news

Fan Factor +1

We earned 40k gold

We got three players that earned level ups:
Chaos Warrior Ronnie James Dio
Beastman Sett Cavre
Beastman Mister Hadwick

They all have access to the same skills, and none of the rolled anything fun, no doubles nor any stats increases.
We've already covered my top three early picks for Chaos Warriors, and those focuses mostly on killing the other team. However to have a successful team you do need to have some player that can do all that boring non killing stuff, so here are some good picks that the team probably needs.

Extra Arms is a mutation that allows a player to add 1 to any catch, pick up ball or intercept roll. It also adds an extra arm to the model, which is nice. So far we've been pretty lucky with our ball picks, this isn't going to last, having extra arm means that we can pick a ball much more easily.

Kick means that we have better control over where the ball lands when we're kicking. That in turn means that we can either kick it really far down the pitch so it takes longer for the other team to go fetch it or we can kick it short and hope for a Blitz, in which case we can just run in and hopefully steal it before the other team has a chance to do anything.

Strip Ball is used when blocking or blitzing the ball carrier, and as long as you manage to push the ball carrier backward he'll drop the ball.

We don't have enough cash to buy anything fun, so you don't get to vote on that. On the other hand you get to vote on three different level up. I have added one new rule though.

You may not vote to give several players in this round the same skill
This is not a way for me to force you to give me a better team quite the opposite, if I've had my way there would probably be block all the way around. But that ain't fun, and I'd like to show off some more skills. By the way, this only applies to this round of voting, so you are allowed to vote to give one of the guys Block is you want, in fact I encourage it.