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Blood Bowl

by cKnoor

Part 8: Match 5 results and buy options

Results: 2 - 0
We managed to get away with no one injured too badly and both the Cow and Mister the Fister managed to level up. Neither of the rolled anything special though.

The Cow can not pick a general skill, only strength or mutations.

Mister the Fister can pick pretty much anything from that list.

We now have 90k gold rolling around in the bank, we could save for a reroll or buy our 14th player which would mean yet another beastman. Or we could spend it all on cheerleaders.

So please vote for skills for The Cow and Mister the Fister and whether we should buy anything.

The team is about TV1330 right now , so if you have a team around there please challenge me in the thread. Usual "rules" apply.