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Part 6: Match 4 results and buy options

0 - 2
That could have gone better, but then again no one died or got a stat decrease or even a niggle, so I'm not feeling to bad about it. We didn't get any level ups this time around though, but we did get a bunch of cash. We now have a total on 110k gold, and even though Ethan wanted to buy a reroll we won't be doing that since those cost 120k gold. Thus the options are as follows.

However since we're full up on Minos and Warriors we're only able to buy Beastmen. Thus the voting options are as follows.

1) Let's not buy a beastman!

2) Dude we should totally buy a beastman!

I really want to play some Blood Bowl this coming week, so I'm looking for someone that's up at around 8PM or later in GMT+1 time. If you do want to play me and have the time for it, please post a team and their team value, it should be around TV 1200 - 1400 since that's about where Changer's will be after this buy/non-buy. If you've challenged me before, please challenge me again, I'm lazy and can't be bothered going through 30 pages of Blood Bowl to find your challenge.
Oh and I'd rather play a race I haven't played lately so no Orks or Gobbos please.