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Blood Bowl

by cKnoor

Part 33: Voting Results

Voting is now over.

Ronnie got himself a better punching glove and he's now got Mighty Blow. It will probably make him a bigger target on the pitch as he's already got guard, so getting him knocked out would be really good for my opponents. Still, it's super useful for him and we're not in the business of giving our players long and happy lives. Look at all our other warriors, each one of them has taken a beating, only Ronnie has survived the onslaught.

Here's a nice picture of everyone after match 19.

The team is now at 1810 and that's with one of our Chaos Warriors out for the next game, so his value isn't part on the current TV score. Almost at 2000 if we had a team without and injuries.
Next game is against aj_impy's Nurgle team, I haven't been able to get a hold of him though as he's not been online on Skype. If I haven't heard from him before the weekend I might check on a few coach further down on the challengelist and see if they can play a game. Hopefully I'll have played someone this weekend.