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Blood Bowl

by cKnoor

Part 25: Voting Results

You like me you really really like me
Mikey is now truly the bestest beastman, it's almost eerie how the player seem to get a skill on increase that they need. First Sett manages to roll for a double and pass, and now Mikey get's to be the best, at least until someone rolls +str

Since Legendary moved shit around on the team page you get a nice big picture of the whole screen rather than just the actually team window. Enjoy.

I'm off to play some amazons, and probably push them around a lot, then I'm going to throw a few passes over their heads and maybe if the weather allows it, score.

Edit: I forgot to comment on it before, someone ask why there wasn't any fan art in the thread. There has been and I love all of them to bits, and have added them all to the OP. If I've missed any please repost them, I don't think I've missed any though.