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by cKnoor

Part 40: Match 23 results and buy options

Now with more than 24 hours of BloodBowl videos.

Results 1 - 2

Good first half, bad second half.
I played a bit shit and made some mistakes I shouldn't have, most obvious being the reroll on the pass. I might not have been in a better position after a scattered throw, but I would have saved me reroll and at the same would have force Nuggan to do more rolls.

Kozilek managed to level up yet again. So far he's got Dodge, Block and Might Blow. He didn't roll anything fancy though so it's just a regular skill pick for him. It's really nice to see one Chaos Warrior get down to business though, compared to another certain florist.

Sett did some good and scored a TD making him pass the 31 SPP mark and yet another level. He didn't get anything fun either on his roll, so far we've given him Strong Arm and Pass, maybe it's time to give him something useful?

We have enough to buy a new Warrior if we want to.

Let's all have a vote

1) What should Kozilek get?
2) What are we giving Sett?
3) Do we buy a new Warrior or keep the shitty one?

I'm always up for adding more challengers to the challenge list, however make sure that you issue your challenge in a correct way. You need to post in the thread and challenged me with a team (include name and race plz) and send me a message either with a PM, over Skype, twitter or on gmail. Once that is done I'll add you to the list.

I've jumped around in the list a bit and I hope I haven't upset anyone, at times making a video is more important to me than finding the most deserving coach to play. So if you're easier to contact you might get a game sooner. I guess this is one of the drawback of doing the LP this way, I just hope everyone understands where I'm coming from and that there aren't any hard feelings.