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Part 29: Voting Results

And here's the result of the Latvian Jury

Ragnar Berserksgangur
Everyone's favourite misfit managed to roll just what he needed and he's now the best player on the team and I love him (Ethan hates him).

Steve Wurstmann
Not sure what to say about this, on the one hand it does fit him thematically, but on the other hand I would have liked some more block on the team. Then again this is a Let's Play and it's good to show off as many skills as possible. I have no idea if this is going to be useful yet or not. My current thinking is to have him annd Sett swap on offense/defense. He might be useful, he might be shit.

Kozilek, Butcher of Truth
I really like this pick, it gives me another player to blitz with and it will probably keep him around a bit longer now that he's harder to knock down. This is extra awesome since he's currently our most offensive player with Mighty Blow and Block.

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The team is currently at TV 1720, this due to the cow being out for the next game, when he gets back we'll hopefully be at TV1900.

Next up is either IcePhoenix or EvilUrchin, I seem to recall IcePhoenix wanting me to put him further down on the list due to injuries to his team. However that was a few weeks ago (and I'm not even sure it was him) but as soon as I know more I'll let everyone know.

Oh and I've updated the OP, it looks better and is hopefully a bit more organised. If I've missed any fanart please tell me right away, the same goes for challengers not on the list in the OP.