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Part 14: Match 9 results and buy options

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Results: 0 - 0
Could have gone better, but the game went about as expected to be honest, it's a shame we lost some fan factor but we got load and load of cash. Cash is always nice. Especially now that we may soon have to replace some players.

Morticus got a Serious Injury, and has lost a point of movement and is missing the next game. He did however level up before all that terrible business happened. He rolled a freaking 11 which means +1 Agility, usually this would be awesome, but to be honest +ag on a player with only 4 movement is kind of waste. It would be better to give him a useful bashing skill, because that's all he's going to do from now on.

Mikey managed to grab the MVP, making him level up as well, he did just roll a regular roll though so he's can just pick from all the skills above and nothing else.

We now have 210k gold rolling around in the bank. That's actually enough for both a Minotaur and a Beastman if we'd want one. Good times.

So please vote for skills for Morticus and Mikey and whether we should buy anything.

The team is about TV1170 right now ,this will probably increase with about 200, depending on what we buy. So if you've got a team at around 1400 challenge me and we'll play a game of some kind. We've gone through all the races so any comments on what races you'd like to see more of in the LP are welcome!