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by cKnoor

Part 16: Match 10 results and buy options

Results: 2 - 1

It feels like it's been a while since we got a win, and even though I didn't get the 3 - 1 victory I wanted I'm still pretty pleased with the way the game turned out. And it was really fun to play

Kozilek did good and managed to level up, he's already got block and is looking for a second skill. He did not manage to roll anything exciting, only a crappy 7, but he still has a lot to choose from.
Oh and since it might be fun, I'm banning Guard from the vote for this round.

No one else managed to level up and we only got 30k for gold so we can't buy anything, we can however...

Decide the fate of The Mange!!!
For those that don't remember, The Mange got hurt real bad in match 8 and has lost 1 point in Strength and now only has 2. That's not good, we need to decide if we want to keep him on the team.
Reason for him to stay:
* He's got block so he might be able to take a punch, and with horns he can still pretty much blitz if he has too.
* He's an extra player if we run out and 11 players on the pitch is always better than 10.
Reason for him to go away:
* He's making our TV higher than it would have been had we not dragged him along.
* He might steal SPP from "proper" players that still have a shot at glory.

I'm always looking for challengers, the team is right now at TV1610 and that will change depending of whether The Mange stays with the team or goes away. But challenge me with a team in that region and I'll pretty much always accept a match. (No dwarfs plz)