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Part 43: Match 25 results and buy options

Another one bites the dust get it get it, bites that's clever!

Results 2 - 1

Oh for fucks sake, I managed to write a long ass text about the game 25 and then promptly edited that over the matchreport for game 24. Which I then added a placeholder to so I could fix it later. While doing that I managed to deleted the matchreport for game 25, which should be right here. It's not though.

I'll fix this tomorrow. In the meantime, if someone for some odd reason have a browser tab with the comments from match 24, please post it so I don't have to retype two match reports :/

I'll try and get my next game this sunday or early next week, I've had a few coaches contact me since the last game, you know who you are. I'll try and get in touch and see if we can sort something out.

I'm always up for adding more challengers to the challenge list, however make sure that you issue your challenge in a correct way. You need to post in the thread and challenged me with a team (include name and race plz) and send me a message either with a PM, over Skype, twitter or on gmail. Once that is done I'll add you to the list.