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Part 23: Match 14 results and buy options

Just in time for the weekend

Results : 1 - 2

That could have gone better, I got a pity TD in the end which felt really nice since it was a pretty long shot to begin with. Still I should have done better when it came to counting the Sauruses movement, and a few of my mistake might have resulted in an easier TD than the one I managed to pull off. Kozilek got hurt in the last few seconds of the match which always stings, but to be honest I'm surprised we've scraped by with so few injuries as it is.

Stuff to think about (and vote on)

No one leveled up this turn so we can't vote of skills. However we do now have 160k in the bank which means we can replace our hurt Chaos Warrior. He's lost 1 point in armor value, so he's now about as durable as our Beastmen. Kozilek has two skills already, Block and Mighty Blow which is pretty good, but on the other hand he'll get knocked out or even worse much easier now, and that not good at all.

Do we spend the money on a new Chaos Warrior, do we keep my favorite(?) player around, or do we got with plan C and buy two beastmen just for the heck of it?


We've got a whole bunch of new team to show off, that means I need more teams to play against. I've got challenged already by an amazon team and a Ogre team, and I might have a pretty cool game coming up next. So most other races are up for grabs. Changer TV currently sits at TV1630.