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Part 31: Voting Results

Voting over

I've been asked a few times what I feel about dodge and +mov and I have to admit that both are really good choices, which is nice. It's nice to see a vote where I don't have to fear one of the results.
When I first rolled the skill up I was pretty certain I wanted dodge, and I kind of still do, but that doesn't mean +mov is awful. They are both great, +mov will just force me to play a bit different. I'm really going to try hard for the next few games to not have Mr.Hadwick score, he's stole a lot of SPP from the rest of the team. All his levels make him awesome, but I'd rather have a full team of decent player compaired to a few great star players. Which in turn conflicts with my want to win the game and get the easiest TDs possible. Mr.Hadwick will often be the best choice for a scorer from now on with his mov 8, but I'd rather score with my 2 +agi dudes so they can have some more skills as well.

In conclussion, +mov will serve Mr.Hadwick very well, and it was probably the best choice in the end, no one really expects a mov 8 Blitzer on a chaos team.

Some new meat for the grinder!

The Changer of Plays now sits at a nice TV1930, almost at the 2000 mark.

Edit: I think Besswax asked for some season stats, and I looked in to it. Turns out that teams that have been transfered over from the old version did not get to keep their season stats. So I've only got stats for the last 3 or 4 games or however many we've played in Legendary.