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Part 12: Match 7 results and buy options

Prepare for more injuries

Results: 1 - 1
Well that went...
Not too bad all things considered. We got our first death on the team, and to be fair I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner. Both Mr. Hadwick and Ronnie James Dio managed to get their second skill up. Which is excellent news!

Dio managed to roll a regular skill up, so he can pick anything from the list, anything he wants except Block, he's already got that.

Mr. Hadwick did something good, and rolled or first non-regular skill up. He rolled 6 + 4 so he can get anything from the list, +1 to armor value, or +1 to movement which would make his the fastest player on the team

We now have 80k gold rolling around in the bank, we could save for a Mino or buy our another beastman. At the moment we're down to 11 players for the next match, since Ragnar decided to take the next game off and tend to his herb garden. Or we could spend it all on cheerleaders.

So please vote for skills for Dio and Mr.Hadwick and whether we should buy anything.

The team is about TV1240 right now , so if you have a team around there please challenge me in the thread. Usual "rules" apply. I've got challenge by a dwarf team not far back so I'll probably play them next. Depending on their current TV.