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Part 24: Match 15 results and buy options

Like a dwarf among midgets

Results: 2-1

That was a really fun game, Istvun made me work pretty hard for that win.
That was the first time I'd played against halflings with a team that had so much higher TV than them, and I think it shows in the first half. The perfect defence in the first half threw me for a loop and it took me a while to figure out what I needed to do to try and minimize the impact of his trees.

So what happened to the team?

Mikey was the only player to level up and he managed to roll an agility increase. This makes Mikey almost as good a ball carrier as Mr. Hadwick, but more importantly it makes his the best Blitzer on the team. An agility increase will allow him to dodge away from a tacklezone to make that all important blitz and not fail on anything but a 1.

Sett managed to get miss next which means we don't have a proper thrower for our game against the amazons.

Voting and stuff

We have 220k in the bank, but you guys don't seem to want me to buy anything until someone dies. Which is fair enough so no voting on what to buy this round. Instead we're going to vote on wether or not Mikey get's his agility increase or not. I like this round of voting as it allows me to see who wants me to play with as shitty a team as possible and who wants me to play with a pretty decent team so I have a chance to win.

There is a bit on a wait period at the moment, I've got an amazon team, an ogre team, a nurgle team, an undead team and a pro elf team waiting to beat the shit out of me. I do still welcome all challengers, but races I haven't played against will get a game first. Current TV is 1670, this will increase when Mikey gets his skill and when Sett get's back into fighting form.

(If I've forgotten someone that has challenged me please post again, as these team are the only ones I've got written down atm.)