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Blood Bowl

by cKnoor

Part 32: Match 19 results and skill options

They see me rollin', they hatin'

Results 0 - 2

Ugh, I wish I could say it was all down to bad luck. Actually I can, let's just go with that, the less I think about this game the better. I'm just going to forget it ever happened and we don't have to mention it ever again. Is everyone cool with that?

Ronnie James Dio managed to level up, making this his 3rd new skill. But what did he roll? Well you're going to have to watch the video for that one, since I was sneaky and snuck it in at the end. He's got Block and Guard right now, making him a good CW to have on the line. Vote for whatever you want, this one is a bit tricky as there's a lot of good stuff that would be useful.

We are still rolling in it and we'll have 12 players avaliable for the next game. So I'm making an executive decision and thus we're not going to buy anything this round.

I'm always up for adding more challengers to the challenge list, however make sure that you issue your challenge in a correct way. You need to post in the thread and challenged me with a team (include name and race plz) and send me a message either with a PM, over Skype or on gmail. (I guess you can tweet me if you want, as I've joined the ranks of the cool people and tweet with Ethan all the time. No one else though the rest of the tweeters are scare.) Once that is done I'll add you to the list.

Oh and the list itself is not set in stone, races that have yet played the Changers will probably get a game earlier than something we've faced before.