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Blood Bowl

by cKnoor

Part 28: Match 17 results and skill options

A very special Christmas update!

Results 1 - 2

I fucked that up, had I taken it a bit slower and done a few more calculations in my head I could probably have tied the game. But for some reason I really wanted to score quickly and took risks that I shouldn't have. I also realise that I propbably focused on the wrong players. I should have gone for a more elf-like defence and I should have stayed away from the Ogre more than I did.
Then again at least I've maybe my mistakes playing Ogres now so hopefully I wouldn't play as bad next time around.

Oh and Shogunate did bring a pretty good game, so don't take that above as "hurf hurf I only lost since I suck" I lost by playing badly and Shogunate's tactic of "not-playing-badly" didn't help my cause much.

So what happened to the team?

This is all from memory as I'm home at my parents for the holiday and writing this on my netbook rather than my usual gaming rig. Which also means, no pictures.

Ragnar rolled a freaking 11 which means he can get +1 agility making him able to pull off even more awesome plays than before. Hooray for him.

Steve Wurstmann is awful and rolled a regular roll, so he can pick anything from strength, general or mutations.

Kozilek rolled a double so he can pick anything he wants. He's already got Might Blow and Block and a AV decrease so take that in to account when you vote for skills.

Money? Who cares we're rolling in it and don't really need to pick up another player.

Voting ends on sunday when I get back home. I'll also try and look over the challenger list then and see who's next in line.