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Blood Bowl

by cKnoor

Part 15: Voting results

Voting has ended
Block won the vote by a pretty large margin, which means that all our Warriors now have block, Morticus won't get to show off his until after the next game though since he took a beating and is having a rest at his country estate.
Mikey's vote was much closer, but Block won out in the end, Two Heads made a good showing for it, and was even in the lead for a while but then towards the end the block votes just kept pouring in, earning Mikey the Block skill. This means that we've still got 4 players with block available for the next game.

New Recruits!
Since we haven't bought new players in a while I thought I might as well show them off.

A new and hopefully skaven proof cow.

And a guy that loves burgin' and also hamburgers!

Current roster! (While we do have 14 players we've only got 12 available for the next game)
TV 1400

Nuggan reminded me of the irc chat, so my plan is to swing by tomorrow and see if I can get a game. I know some people wanted to know how to best contact me, and the answer is to either use Skype* or send me an e-mail to "myusernamehere" @ gmail . com

*nick in profile. It's awesome if you've got skype so we can chat while we play. Typing in irc on the in game chat doesn't look that good on video so I'd rather not do that.