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Brave Fencer Musashi

by Combat Lobster

Part 1: The Journey Begins

Update #1

Things are off to a rolling start as we're sent to retrieve Lumina, the Sword of Luminescence.

The Journey Begins

Misc. Artwork
Chapter 1 Cover
Musashi Concept Art
Princess Fillet meets Musashi
Alchemist Leanman Concept Art
Steam Knight


A brash fencer summoned by Prinecess Fillet of the troubled Allucaneet Kingdom. He has a fondness for duels and rice balls. After learning that he won't be able to return to his home world until he fulfills the wish of the princess, he reluctantly becomes the hero desperately needed by the kingdom.

Princess Fillet
The daughter of the king and queen of Allucaneet. She summons Musashi by casting the Hero Summon spell. Because she is a tomboy at heart, those around her have difficulty keeping her under control and out of trouble.

Butler Livers, Scribe Shanky, and Steward Ribson
These three statesmen aid King Allucaneet in governing the Allucaneet Kingdom. Taking care of the mischievous princess is a constant headache for them.

A Thirstquencher Lieutenant who leads the Empire's military force. Though not especially clever, he is persistent enough to get in Musashi's way.