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Original Thread: Allucaneet Buffet, 599 Dran - Let's Play Brave Fencer Musashi



Brave Fencer Musashi is an action rpg developed and published by Squaresoft for the Sony Playstation in 1998. If you asked me to sum up what this game is in one sentence I would say, "Its like the Legend of Zelda except Link has radical hair and two swords; and there's bit of Kirby in there too." This is a silly game complete with a smorgasbord of puns to sink your teeth into.


The story doesn't really unfold until after the first chapter, but luckily the game's manual can fill us in on the details:

The Manual posted:

The Legend of Musashi

Over 150 years ago, a giant monster suddenly appeared in the Thirtquencher Empire, neighboring country to the Allucaneet Kingdom. This monster was known as the Wizard of Darkness and was a huge creature made almost entirely of a powerful crystal known as Binchotite. After easily destroying the Thirstquencher Empire, the monster made way for Allucaneet, seeking the bountiful supply of Binchotite believed to be buried there. The monster destroyed everything along the way. It is believed that many creatures were born of this destruction as the Wizard of Darkness had a strange effect on everything that crossed its path.

Upon hearing of the Wizard of Darkness' approach, King Allucaneet ordered the Hero Summon spell to be cast. The Hero Summon spell is a special magical power that is handed down, generation to generation, amongst only the princesses of Allucaneet. A Closely guarded state secret, this power is only used as a last resort when the kingdom is faced with great danger. It grants its user the ability to summon a hero through incantations made over a specially prepared crystal of Binchotite. The summoned hero called upon to defeat the Wizard of Darkness was a two-sworded fencer named Musashi. Musashi accepted the princess' task and set on a journey to defeat the Wizard of Darkness.

Musashi and the Wizard of Darkness battled fiercely for a long time. Even for a hero like Musashi, The Wizard of Darkness proved a formidable foe. Finally, with the help of Lumina, the Sword of Luminescence, Musashi was able to seal the monster within a magical ward.

It is said that Musashi then divided the power of the monster into the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Sky, and then sealed them within five crests. These five crests became known as the Five Scrolls and in the years to follow passed into myth along with the legend of the brave fencer, Musashi.

Crisis Approaches the Allucaneet Kingdom

Things began rather suddenly. For years, tension had been stadily rising between the Allucaneet Kingdom and the Thirstquencher Empire. Finally, after diplomatic relations between the two nations ceased, the Thirstquencher Empire abruptly attacked the Allucaneet Kingdom. Unfortunately for Allucaneet, the king and queen were absent at the time of the attack.

As if the Thirstquencher Empire had timed its invasion according to their absence, the invasion began with one specific goal in mind; to capture Lumina, the Sword of Luminescence. Unable to repel the surprise attack, Allucaneet's army lost ground quickly while the enemy pressed on toward the castle. As the Thirstquencher army approached the castle, the senior members of Allucaneet realized that their only hope would be to summon a hero.

The LP

This will be an informative LP for the most part. However, I'm more than likely gonna chill out and enjoy the game rather than going out of my way to cover everything, but I'll try to cover as much content as I can.

Spoiler Policy

While this game is old I would prefer no one spoil anything that happens outside of what is covered so far.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
The Journey Begins

Chapter 2
The Lost Dog Arc
Jon's Secret? Get to the Top of Twinpeak Mountain!!
Steamwood Explodes in 24 Hours!? Climb that Tree, Musashi!!
The Stage is Set! Let's Fight in Hell's Valley!!

Chapter 3
The Vambee Arc Part 1
The Vambee Arc Part 2
The Vambee Source? Let's Explore the Restaurant Basement!
Enter Bubbles, 2nd Place Miss Thirstquencher!
Showdown with The Fire God! Don't Get Cooked Musashi!!

Chapter 4
Musashi, Mayor? Let's Fix Up the Village!
Duel at the Island of Dragons. Enter Kojiro, the Rival.
The Ultimate Move! Let's Find the Thieves' Hideout!!

Chapter 5
A New Crisis? The Princess Visits the Village!
Damp Tunnels? Let's Find the Next Scroll!
A Horrible Infestation! Let's Battle in the Abandoned Mine!

Chapter 6
Musashi Takes to the Skies! Let's Find the Last Scroll!!
Attack On Soda Fountain! Musashi Vs. Leader's Force!! Part 1
Attack On Soda Fountain! Musashi Vs. Leader's Force!! Part 2
The Legendary Brave Fencer Musashi
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