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Original Thread: Not enough FF6 on the forums, Let's Break Final Fantasy 6!



Final Fantasy 6, also known as Final Fantasy 3, was released in mid-1994 to critical acclaim. It had a fantastic story, great characterization, and was one of the first RPGs that mixed video games with modern storytelling. No longer was the plot simplistic and had you roaming around aimlessly. The antagonist wasn't just an emotionless vessel that wanted to destroy the world for somethingorother, you had a reason to hate him. There was a reason you were doing what you were doing, a reason to fight, and it complimented the gameplay. Fans the world over loved the game, and even today it's considered by many to be the best out of the main Final Fantasy's. It's a game you can pick up now and enjoy.

Unfortunately, despite all its acclaim it was riddled with bugs. It's pretty accurate to say that it's coded like garbage. The whole Final Fantasy series until relatively recently has a history of being extremely buggy in ways you wouldn't normally notice. Small things like Evade and the Blind Status being useless and Cyan going crazy if seemingly random events were to happen are just symptoms of what is, at its core, a poorly coded and very exploitable game. This LP is looking to exploit the bad coding and do things not thought possible.

I shouldn't have to mention this, but in order to comprehend what's going I expect you to have a base knowledge of Final Fantasy 3/6. I won't be explaining basic game mechanics, but if you know the general progression of the plot you should be able to figure out what's going on. Because of the nature of this LP there will obviously be huge spoilers for those who haven’t played the game. If you feel like you don't know enough about the game, I suggest you read two of the fantastic FF6 threads already on the site: Blastinus's (which I did 1 glitch update for) and Vilkacis's.

Due to the nature of these updates some will be more exciting than others. Some will be graphical glitches, how to lock up the game, things that I feel are interesting and show how the game functions (or doesn't function). I'll try to keep most updates as interesting as possible, and the boring stuff I'll try to shove all in 1 or 2 updates. As for my update schedule, I will try to update once every 3-5 days. Expect about 10-15 updates total. While the game is broken at every turn, only some things are worth showing off.

The nature of this glitch makes skipping around the game mandatory, so you may see me go from the Beginning of the World of Balance to say, the Floating Continent in the process of 1-2 screenshots. Each update is structured by content, rather than chronological order. Try not to let it bother you too much, I'll do my best to explain where we are (and if applicable what we skipped) for each update.

I should also clarify: unless specified otherwise none of these glitches are done with a game genie or other code-manipulating software/hardware.

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