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Part 34: Chapter Twenty Seven: Super Quadra

Last time Tapeta lost the rigged cooking duel, causing Petape to flip the fuck out and decide to destroy Fort Nageur. I’m sure many in the thread will support such an action.

Music: 09 – Fly Pudding

: He said he’d murder my entire family if I didn’t vote against Tapeta.

: Can it, frog-man. I don’t want to hear your self-pitying excuses.

: You’re right, of course. It was inexcusable.

: I can’t make up for what I’ve done…but please, you must protect the prince, the princess and our kingdom!

: Sure, I’ll get right on saving your sorry asses. Plus I am very tired of being jerked around by that fraud. Of course, it’d help if I knew where they’d all got to.

: There’s no doubt that Petape has taken it all the way down. You have to save her!

: Right. Okay. Fine. Let’s go, everyone.

: Going down…

Music: 04 – Dungeon

: Oh, we’re back here again.

: We couldn’t reach this right hand passage before, could we?

: Tapeta!

: You stay here, Tapeta. Well handle the rest.

: There you are, you damn fake.

: So, this is the heart of my castle? Tres magnifique…I can feel such tremendous power in this place. It seems the girl was not lying.

:…Wait, what? Who installs a self-destruct mechanism in a castle? How does that work, anyway? Was gunpowder mixed into the mortar or something?

: Silence, you mouth-breathing peasants!

: It looks like it’s time I introduced myself properly to you all. You may call me…Quadra.

: We couldn’t care less what your name is, ya slimy freak! We’ll pound you into dust just the same!

: Hmph. As expected of a barbarian. It’s a wonder people like you remember how to breathe. Still…

: Let me reward you. As the prince, I would have made your execution slow and painful. But here, I can make it quick!


Music: 10 – I’ll Do It!

After slogging through so much filler we finally get to face the impostor in combat. Quadra has a lot of HP and pretty high defence so this fight will last a while. He is also very fast and is one of the few enemies in the game who will act before Lin does in any given turn. His basic attack is to shoot an energy ball from his mouth that does around 30 damage to a single character. Quadra can also shoot a stronger variant that does anywhere from 50 – 90 damage, signified by him yelling ‘Haaaaaaa!!’ before he attacks. This attack can easily oneshot Nina and Lin should it hit, so having Ammonias on hand for revival purposes is very useful. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it also has a chance of dealing the target’s maximum HP as damage, guaranteeing a KO.

Once Quadra’s HP gets low he’ll start spamming this attack every turn. Aside from that, Quadra also has an attack called Shockwave that hits everyone in the party for 14 – 30 damage. It’s not really much to worry about but there’s always the possibility that he’ll follow up with a charged energy ball. He also has a bit of boss banter going on, which wouldn’t be significant except that it forcibly resets the turn order when he speaks.

In Capcom’s original translation Quadra was called Kuwadora.


: Our God…he told me I couldn’t lose…he gave me the strength to work his will upon the world…

*Rumble* *Rumble*

: Oh shit, he activated the self-destruct!

: Die, all of you! Drown in hellfire! Ha ha ha…ha…

: Crap, how do we shut it off?!

: There has to be a switch somewhere…

: Argh! It’s too complicated! Lemme whack it a bit, that’ll sort everything out!

: Tapeta?!

: Our castle’s greatest treasure is hidden in this place. The story of the self-destruct mechanism was invented to deceive thieves and invaders.

:…Wow. I’m actually impressed. Looks like you’re smarter than I gave you credit for, Tapeta.

: Oh, non, non monsieur Ryu! You are making me blush.

: Hard to believe, is it not?

: I’ll say.

:…So wait, the castle’s not gonna blow up now?...Can I still hit the thingy?

: Ugh…

: I tried to activate the self-destruct system, but…what happened to the fake?

: He is gone, my sister! Vanquished, as you say, by my truest friends!

: But for now, you are safe, and that is all that matters, non? Oh, let me sing of your remarkable courage!

: Tapeta…you know why I always yell at you?

: At least, that’s what I thought until today.

: I’ve always tried to be responsible enough for the both of us. I always try too hard, though, and look at me…always yelling at people and making a nuisance of myself…

Petape leaves and Tapeta follows her. The obvious move is to follow them, but there’s something we have to do here first.

That’s right, we can purloin Fort Nageur’s most sacred weapon for our own use. Aside from providing a sizeable attack bonus, the Solblade also grants an extra 20 points of Wisdom. Although Ryu can equip it, the recipient who will make most use of it is Tapeta, so I’ll be saving it for him for now.

Anyway, leaving the room warps us straight back to the throne room.

: Your majesty.

: Ryu, this kingdom…

: Oh, of course! My eyes aren’t what they used to be…

: You’re talking to Tapeta now. Honestly…

: Don’t worry about it. I’m just glad everything was sorted out in the end.

: In appreciation for all you’ve done for us, feel free to take anything you might need from our castle. You’ve earned it.

: That’s very kind of you, princess. We’ll, uh, be sure to keep it in mind.

: I have something very important to say, my friends, so please listen! Ahem. Merci beaucoup, monsieur Ryu!

: So, in recognition of your deeds, I shall bestow upon you…myself! I shall accompany you on your travels. Please, hold your applause.

: Tapeta, are you sure that’s wise? Surely your kingdom needs you more than ever after such upheaval…

: That’s right!

: Honestly, it’s times like this…

: And that, my sister, is why I am so proud of you!

: Pfft! You’re always such a sweet-talker! You know as well as I do you’re just dumping all your responsibilities onto someone else like always!

: Non, non, Petape! You did promise!

: I can’t tell if this guy is a goofball or actually serious.

: I have the strangest feeling that we will never know for sure.

Tapeta rejoins the party and we get the chance to shuffle our team members around. I swap Sten out and put Tapeta in his place.

Before we go anywhere else it’s time to make good on Petape’s promise that we can loot the castle for all it’s worth.

The treasure room is now open. The chests contain an Iron Shield, a Royal Crown and a Breath Armor. Tapeta equips all of them, and along with the Solblade he is now decked out in Fort Nageur’s finest equipment.

Now, we could begin the next plotline right away by going into the kitchen and getting the guards to hand over the real thief. However, I will be postponing her release for a while in order to begin the first part of the Township sidequest. The next update will therefore be another Sidequest update – the real thief can stew in her cell for a while longer.