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Part 36: Bonus Update: Stuff the Party Says, Part III

A belated Happy Christmas to everyone in the thread. I'll post a proper update tomorrow, but for now you guys can enjoy another episode of...

Stuff the Party Says, Part III

We've outed the impostor prince in Fort Nageur and the first act of the game is rapidly drawing to a close. Now that that's finished with our compatriots back in Township have some new and exciting things to say.



Of course not, Bosch, of course not.


Rand does not appreciate fine amphibian cuisine. What an uncultured rube - many in this very thread have commented on how appealing these dishes sound!


Same old Sten.


Yeah, it looks like the food thing really isn't very popular with the other party members.




Fort Nageur's other superweapon.


That's it for the time being. It won't be long before the dialogue changes again, though, since the next plot arc is just around the corner.