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Breath of Fire II

by Scintilla

Part 37: Chapter Twenty Eight: Red Dead Redemption

Music: 09 – Fly Pudding

: Bugs! They’re everywhere! I can’t take it anymore!

Our return to the main plotline is heralded by the sounds of a certain thief expressing her concerns about the state of her cell. Annoyingly she will repeat the phrase every few seconds, thus constantly interrupting your movement.

: We put her to work in the cockroach farm, but she’s not co-operating…All she does is gripe and moan about the bugs! Doesn’t she know they’re good eatin’?

: Sure thing. We were planning on coming down for her anyway.

: Thanks. All that noise was about to drive me nuts. Here, she’s all yours!

: Oh, thank you soooo much for getting me outta there!

: Don’t get too excited. We’ve been chasing you for a long time, and now we’re going to haul you back to Newhaven so that my friend can stop taking the blame for your crimes.

: What, are you some kind of bounty hunter or something? Fine, you’ve got me! Anywhere’s better than this hellhole!

: Keep both eyes on that one! She’s not the type to stab you in the back, but she’ll hogtie you with your own pants while you’re not looking!

: I do hope you’re not speaking from experience.

Okay! At long, long last we’ve caught the thief. With her in our custody we are now finally able to clear Bosch’s name, so it’s time to head back to the world map so we can warp over to Newhaven.

Music: 27 – Breath of Fire

Wait a minute…that’s the Breath of Fire I world map theme! That’s right – like in the first game, the world map theme will change after the completion of a major plot arc or two.

New music aside I’m really loving the Warp spell. I foresee a bright future for you in the party, Monsieur Tapeta.

Music: 02 – My Home Sweet Home

: Oh, Bosch? He’s doing just fine. Just fine, considering his innocence is as good as proven. We’ve found the real perpetrator behind this burglary, so your goons can stop harassing him.

:…What? You’ve found the ‘real thief’? Heh…this I gotta see! Come on in!

Music: Find the Truth

: Good evening, Mr. Trout. We apologize for calling at such unreasonable hours, but we have tracked down the real thief who stole your belongings.

: That’s right. We chased this broad halfway around the world, but in the end we managed to grab her. Just goes to show that crime don’t pay.

: It certainly does not. Even now I am still shocked at the behaviour of this woman.

: You’re despicable! Don’t play dumb, Trout!

: Shut yer trap, ya thieving bitch! The boss’s word is law around here!

: You want proof? Just look in the mansion’s basement!

: Such dreadful slander! My mountains of wealth are all perfectly legitimate…and moreover, so is everything you’ll find in my basement.

: Well, I doubt it’s necessary, but alright, if you insist. Let’s get this over with and put the whole matter behind us.

Our next task is to proceed down the stairs above and into the basement. If you look closely, however, you’ll notice that this is the same place that we saw in Bosch’s flashback. Why don’t we check out Trout’s treasury?

A single treasure chest sits in the middle of the room. What’s inside, you ask?

…Huh. Well I guess Trout is a bit on the portly side…

: I can’t see anything unusual in here.

: Indeed. The stocks in here seem quite regular, non?

: Hmm…It’s odd that the thief was so insistent, but there’s nothing incriminating that I can see.

: We found nothing to suggest any wrongdoing on your part.

: That’s good to hear, but then I expected nothing less – I am, after all, innocent.

: Your service to me is much appreciated. If you have no further business here, I would appreciate it if you left. Now.

: Of course. Please excuse us…

: We’ll take good care of the little thief!

: Sure, whatever. Guess we’d better go back and give him the good news. We’ll just-

: Ryu!

: Mr. Kilgore? Oh, no, nothing of the sort. We found the real thief and handed her over, so Bosch is no longer a wanted man.

: What? You found the real thief?

: I was just about to go tell him.

: I see…I’d like to see him and apologize personally, if possible.

: I’ll keep that in mind.

Now we can return to Township…

…And Bosch is finally available as a party member again! :Woop:

This is the team we’ll be using for the next few bits of gameplay. Now, it can hardly fail to escape notice that Bosch is severely underlevelled due to spending most of the game so far in hiding. Because of that I’m going to do a bit of grinding in the depths of Fort Nageur in order to get him up to speed. Luckily Bosch levels up pretty quickly and gets a slight boost to exp gains since he’s so far behind the rest of the team.


And after! During the grinding Tapeta learns Blunt, Nina learns Fireblast and Bosch learns Rejuvenate. Anyway, our next step is to visit Kilgore with Bosch in the party.

: You, uh, wanted to talk to me?

: That’s right.

: It’s a poor way of saying sorry, but please allow me to treat you all to dinner in the meantime.

: Well, I won’t say no if you’re offerin’ free food!

: You have my deepest apologies, Bosch. It’s my fault you were nearly arrested…I should never have involved you in my personal affairs.

: Don’t mind if I do!

: Hmm! This food has been cooked wonderfully…I will have to ask for the recipe afterwards!

: You were accused and almost imprisoned because of me…

: Eh, don’t sweat it, pops. I just need to lay off the jerky treats…boy, have I gotten slow these days!

: Easy for you to say, pal. You weren’t the one chasing that damn thief across three different continents.

: And I appreciate it, I really do! Besides, Mr. Kilgore…

: Well…yes…ahem.

: Um…pops? Is there something you’re not tellin’ me?

:…Ha. Hahahaha! Oh, that’s funny! Sneak into the mansion again! That’s a great one, Mr. Kilgore. Really, I’m speechless with laughter oh god you’re not joking, are you?

: I’m afraid not, Mr. Ryu.

: He is a ruthless man whose greed knows no bounds. If left unchecked, he could prove to be the ruin of us all.

: No problem, pops!

: Bosch.

: That jerk Trout gives me the creeps too! Besides, I owe him two or three for getting me run out of town…

: Does a Billbull have horns?

: Yes! It does! I know because I beat the crap out of a dozen of them in the course of my epic quest to save your ass! Are you honestly going to just throw away all my hard work?

: I know, I know.

: Just let me handle this. I’m not gonna dump my problems on you guys again.

:…I see. So you’re going to do this no matter what, huh. Well, I guess there’s nothing for it, then. I’m coming with you.

: That’s right. This is something I have to…wait, what?!

: I almost got thrown in jail because of that creep Trout, and I’m going to find out why!

: Screw that, I’m coming with you, like it or not.

: Are you nuts? It’ll be both our necks on the line if we screw up!

: I dunno what we’ll find. Maybe we’ll expose Trout for the dirty so-and-so he is, or maybe well get caught and sent to jail…

: Of course. If you go alone you’ll screw things up as usual. Besides…there was something odd about Trout. It was almost like he was too desperate to prove that he hadn’t done anything wrong.

: Naturally. What are friends for?

It is possible to refuse to accompany Bosch, in which case the next segment of the game takes place with him on his own for a bit. Allowing Ryu along too was probably a failsafe on Capcom’s part so the game wouldn’t become unwinnable if the player hadn’t bothered to level Bosch up before visiting Kilgore.

Anyway, next time we’ll be investigating Trout’s manor. What secrets could it possibly hold? We’ll soon be finding out…