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Part 73: Bonus Update - Stuff the Party Says, Part XII

With Mina having just sacrificed her humanity for the good of the world it's no surprise that the tone of conversation back at HQ is somber and subdued.



Poor Bosch. Mina was one of his crushes, after all.


These words take on a new meaning when you consider what Sten himself has been through in the past. He knows all about death and sacrifice and he's not going to make light of it.


Even Tapeta is getting geared up for a serious fight.



I think Deis and Nina are supposed to have had the same sort of semi-antagonistic relationship they had in the first game, but Deis's extremely sparse dialogue means it doesn't really come through very well.


Aspara beginning to show more and more emotion.


Sadly after this game 'incompetence' gets mixed in there from time to time.


Nina once again showing her iron will.


Since we've basically gained access to the airship the entire world is at our fingertips. Most of the next update will be spent flying around the world doing things, but I'll make sure to venture into Evrai itself somewhere in there.