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Part 91: Bonus Update - Stuff the Party Says, Part XV

Before we venture into the dark depths of the second layer of Infinity we must say goodbye to the bonus party dialogue updates. That's right - this is the final set of conversations we can have with our teammates before the game finishes.



This is the general theme of the last conversations, reaffirming the other teammate's desire to keep fighting alongside the protagonist.


Aspara's conversation ends with him beginning to comprehend what emotions are.


Sten spent most of his life running away, but now resolves to push forwards instead.


Tapeta takes genuine pride in what he's done, and thanks the protagonist for broadening his horizons a little.


Deis...hasn't changed at all.


Everybody always laughs about that line, but even though it's cheesy it doesn't make it any less true.


No longer shackled by her black wings, Nina resolves to see events through to the very end.


Of course.


Short and sweet is the name of the game this time, but all have a special significance. That resolve has to hold, because the next trial will put the entire party's willpower to the ultimate test.