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Part 98: Last Update - Final Bits and Bobs

Just a few last minute things I couldn't manage to fit in anywhere else.


Alternate Dialogue After Deathevan's Defeat

After leaving Deathevan's lair the last party member out will always turn back for a moment and say something. We've already had Nina's during the final game update, so let's have a look at the others.

:...Let's go back home. Let's go back where everyone is waiting...Let's go home!

:...It feels kind of strange. It's hard to believe someone like me protected the world! You're really great! Ryu, you'll always be my buddy!

:...We did it, Ma. We won. Thanks, Ryu.

: It's hard for me to believe that I saved the world. I don't need any rewards, but it feels good to have protected something I love...

: I suppose this means I'll be known as a hero who saved the world. I'd be very happy if people referred to me as a great hero!

: Elder Tree, I think I understand now. The most important courage. I really like the word 'courage'. Elder Tree, I believe that courageous young men like Ryu will change the world.

: It doesn't seem real. What we did was incredible! Ryu was very very strong! And I fought with Ryu too, which makes it a little special, doesn't it? Ha ha ha!

: A demon, huh? It was worth it for me to wake up!


Cheesing The Shit Out Of The Game With Item Fusion

You can cheese the shit out of the game with item fusion. It is very easy to make Stat-Up items in this game, and if you play your cards right you won't even have to leave Township to get the correct ingredients for most of them. Here's a cheat sheet of some of the fun things you can make with easily available materials.

Two Ginsengs = Power Food. Raises Strength. Ginsengs cost 500 zenny each and can be bought from the tenant Hans.
Two Thunder Rods = Fast Food. Raises Agility. Thunder Rods cost 100 zenny each and can be bought at the Guntz item shop.
Two Fire Spices = Miso Stew. Raises Wisdom. Fire Spices cost 100 zenny each and can be bought at the Guntz item shop.
Two Tunas + One Fire Spice = Stamina Up. Fire spices are as above, and Tuna can either be caught or bought from Daiye if you recruited him.

The gist of this is that if you park Flying Township outside Guntz you can 'roid up your party however you like. Since the party inventory can hold up to 46 items at once, in most cases you'll be getting 23 stat boosters if you empty your inventory and just load up on ingredients. I say most cases because every cooking session has a 1/8 chance of failing and producing a worthless bit of Charcoal. There's also a chance it'll critically succeed and give you two of whatever item you were after.

In the end you're only limited by how much tedium you can stand, because doing this involves going through a lot of menus.


That Fucking Sidequest, Aka Boombada / Earth Chant

I've been dreading this moment for a while, but it must be done. To start this sidequest you have to go back to the Earth Temple at any time after the fall of Evrai.

Specifically, the part of the temple where all the monks are torturing themselves.

There follows a ludicrously long sequence of varying sound tones forming a rough melody.

That's right - it's a fucking rhythm minigame.

This is going to suck. Basically, the other guy will play the vast majority of the notes whilst you have to fill in what he doesn't play. The game gives you no indication of which tone is tied to the 'A' button and which to the 'B' button, so you're guaranteed to screw up the first time. The timing is also horrendously strict and the sheer length of the melody means that you'll probably get hopelessly stuck unless you have a really good memory. Unfortunately this is one of those things that's difficult to explain unless you play the game yourself, but rest assured - it's bullshit.

You will likely see this screen dozens and dozens of times if you try this sidequest. Failure after miserable failure will slowly grind away at your sanity until your brain decides it's had enough and herniates itself.

...Okay, full disclosure here. I kept failing miserably, and although I like this game a lot I really want to move onto something new, so I just went ahead and cheated myself the reward for doing this quest.

The reward for the quest is a spell that can be taught to anyone called Earth Chant, or Boombada in Capcom's original script.

When used in battle, Earth Chant costs 20 AP and drops a massive black sphere onto the enemy team, cutting their current HP in half. It's...not really very useful considering certain enemies are immune to it. I mean, Shamanized Tapeta can instantly kill the entire enemy team simply by waiting for a turn. So, to all of those who desperately tried to finish that sidequest, don't worry - the reward isn't worth it.

...And that's everything done and dusted.