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Part 97: Bonus Update - Miscellaneous Art

The game may be over but there's still more art to look at.


Fused Party members

First let's take a gander at the official art for the Shamanized forms of every character.








The Shamans


Aside from those, we also have an enemy encounter with its own bit of art - Ifrit, the rare foe in Infinity.

As well as that, here's Valerie.


GBA Version Art

Capcom made a modicum of effort to bring something new to their GBA port of this game. Touched-up character portraits was one thing, which I used in the LP itself. But there were also a number of Event CG's sprinkled throughout, which I will post here now.

This picture of Valerie is shown at the very beginning when Ganer is reminiscing with Yua and Ryu about their mother. There's another picture shown later on during the prologue of Young Ryu's portrait fading into Adult Ryu's with the text "10 Years Later" pasted onto it that appears after the Barbaroi fight.

This picture of Lin and Nina is shown after you get the Normal Ending.

First of all I apologise for the shitty .jpg, but it's the only format I could find it in. This appears after you get the Good Ending and shows Patty waiting outside the gates of Infinity for her brother to return.


Some other things done for the GBA port:

High Quality Character Portraits

High Quality Shamanized Character Portraits

Valerie Full Picture

GBA Shamans

GBA Mina


And that's it for the art.