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Part 22: Chapter XX: Pikachu-Blanka Go!

Update XX: Pikachu-Blanka Go!

Welcome back! Last time, we arrived at Myria Station, our ultimate destination. And it's quite a long one, by this games standards anyway.

The first thing we see is a locked door. And since it's an electronic lock, Rei can't pick it. Looks like we're going around.

From where the platform drops you off, taking the only other path besides the lock door leads you inside the station, to the Worker's Area.

And we have our first new enemies of the final dungeon. The purple Archmage/Mygas palet swap is an Adept, and it's nothing you haven't seen. Just a standard magic caster, and far and away the weakest of the bunch. At this point, one good hit from one of your heavier hitters should get them.

The Armor, in addition to having a pretty bitching design, is the one you need to watch out for. It starts off with extraordinarily high defense (as in, you'd be lucky to break double digit damage), but weak to magic. After two physical attacks from your party, you get a message saying "Armor's armor is cracked!". At this point, it's defense is reduced and you can do normal damage to it. Offensively, it uses Frost Strike and Risky Blow.

HOWEVER, if you destroy it without cracking the armor (usually with Nina's magic) it has a chance of dropping Garr's ultimate armor, Gideon's Garb.

Oh right. One other thing. Various enemies from here on drop ultimate equipment, at an absurd 1/256 drop rate. Cast Charm and it's a 1/128 drop rate.

And somehow, the RNG gods smile on me, and I get almost all of it on this playthrough. The Gideon's Garb wasn't one of them. In fact, I think it's the one piece of equipment I've never gotten myself.

Nitemare's are a standard undead enemy. They like to use magic and physical attacks, and have a chance of dropping the Burglar Garb, Rei's ultimate armor. Defense wise it's weaker than what you can buy in Caer Xhan, but it has a weight of 0 in addition to raising his speed. If you wanna stress about getting one, there's an enemy later on you can steal it from. Don't worry about this drop. Naturally, I got one after this fight. Oh well, lucky me.

A nearby door takes you back outside to a hidden Life Shard.

And another door leads to the last of Momo's status weapons, the Gas Shells. They inflict confusion.

And while finding my way around, Ken learns Resurrect. Unlike Raise Dead, Resurrect doesn't miss. Handy to have.

All the above is based around the elevator. It's where we need to go. We go to the Arrival Platform first for a Wisdom Fruit.

Oh right, the Death Bot. It's nowhere near as threatening as it seems. It cast Barrier, Speed, Might, and Protect on itself or an ally it's first four turns. Other than the Berserker, Archmage, and a couple endgame enemies, NOTHING should last that long against you.

Let it live though. After it uses those, it attacks you with Triple Blow, which you can learn.

This is the Maintenance Deck. Just a straightforward path.


It connects to this earlier inaccessible part of the station, where the meat of the place is.

We can't open this door yet (See the cardreader?), but there's still something handy around the corner.

This opens the main door and disables a set of laser locks, allowing us to come and go as we please without taking that sidetrip. That main door now opens to the main hub area.

Slay bitches, get money.

That door leads to a makeshift camp area. It's better, actually, since it has beds. That diary lets you do anything you can do in camp, and there's no encounters here. Some of those lockers are worth checking out too.

As does the shelf Ken is next too.

This is the "hub area" of Myria Station. The green path leads to a place we can't access yet, the door you can barely see in that first pic leads to Myria (obviously we can't get there yet), and to the south is the (now unlocked) main entrance.

We're taking the yellow path.

See? Yellow.

You can't move while on the conveyor belt. And you just know that the guy who made that decision stands in the middle of moving sidewalks at airports, putting him on the list of worst people in the world.

If you're not ready, these guys can absolutely wreck your shit. They cast Flame Breath and Frost Breath, and if your party isn't equipped with elemental absorbing equipment, they can kill you the first round when paired together. But they drop this...

Peco's ultimate weapon which is ridiculously weak for such a powerhouse character. It's only 5 points stronger than Nina's Ourbouros.

There's one of these on the green path too. It acts like a bed.

Follow the yellow brick road, Ken.

Does that make Rei Toto?

And here we have our first piece of "Blessed armor", which is a simple way of saying Death/Status/Psionic resistance +2. With the right set-ups, it's easy to make an almost invincible party at the end using these.

Shoobie doobie doo

Ken sees something.

: Be a shame to wake it up, eh? Let's leave it alone...

: Um, there's a card in there... I wonder if it's not one of the keys we need...?

: Doesn't that beat all. We'd better go get it, or...

: Well, we've got no choice, right? First we have to figure out how to stop that gas...

What? Guys, don't stress about it! I got 3 Dream Rings! You can't be affected by sleep! Just go in and out like a demon's whisper!

Fine, have it your way Capcom.

I'm gonna be honest. I have never, even once, bothered with this puzzle.

The point of this puzzle is to line up the pluses and minuses to create a path through the electric floor using the three consoles in the two rooms. I prefer to just walk through and heal up afterwards, especially since it deactivates itself once you pass through.

Elelator go down...

Hoppers use Air Raid, Newts use Mighty Chop which is a different looking Spirit Blast.

Ivory Dice are, as always, a welcome sight.

Elelator go up!

The Slicer is a weapon for Rei that ups the critical rate by 8. Meh.

: Heh heh... Now's our chance... Let's go get that card!

The creature wakes up, shocking absolutely nobody.

: ...then again, maybe not...

All right, the Chimera. It's an incredible glass cannon. It can dish out the hurt, but it can't take it. That ~6000 HP isn't so threatening once you realize that. And you might notice that both Rei and Momo are facing this thing. That's because this guys special attack, Paralyzer will paralyze you regardless of your status defense. Against one character, it's an instant game over. Momo's role is to keep her HP up and occasionally heal Rei's paralysis. She does not heal Rei's HP, affect his stats, or attack the Chimera.

Here's a better shot of it.

It likes to heal itself too.

And bring the magic pain.

Again, simple. Rei's Holy Avenger casts Might when used as an item. I just raised his attack, attacked, and healed as needed.

"It's a cheap-looking card that says Key Card B It doesn't look very impressive or important at all..."


: Who said it was an important key!?


Well, at least now we've got another elevator to go down.


These chests have the Giant Shield for Garr, and the Dragon Helmet and Shield for Ken. The shield and helmet absorb fire, and the helmet is Ken's best helmet. The Aries Gloves outclass the shield.

And at long last, we meet the pallet swap of the Lizards from way back in Momo's Tower. They're just as pathetic, but use Flame Strike instead of Blind.

See? Disabled.

Back in the hub, I head out to check out some Masters.

And by that I mean Ladon. Mind's Eye raises accuracy and counterattack rate.

Back in the station, we follow the green path now.

It takes us to the mall. Nina and Momo go shoe shopping, while Garr wanders off to the food court with Peco, and Rei and Ken check out the kiosks.

These plants prevent us from going any further, but Momo's HE Shells blow them away. We don't go in yet though.

Back near the "camp room" is this door. With our new keycard, we can enter for a surprise.


We've had one of these since before fighting Gaist, NBD.

What's a navigator?

"Those are navigators lined up over there... They're guides to the Myria orbital station. They contain numerous safety features as well as keys, called navigator codes."


"I see you already have a navigator..."

No thanks


So is this the secret about what Honey is? She's a servant of Myria?

And with those two abilities, Peco has learned all his natural abilities. With his sky high HP, these are incredibly lethal. Icebreath in particular can replace Blizzard in the Desert of Death if you're so inclined.

Plant 42 is nondescript.

And this lies beyond those plants Momo blasted. It's a little unsettling, to be honest.

Seriously, this is just weird.

The Wraith has a unique gimmick. It's immune to everything until you hit it with an elemental attack. After that, it becomes weak to that element. Upon death, it can drop the Divine Helm for Rei and Garr.

And the Goo King, the last in the Goo line. And sweet Jesus fuck this guy won't hesitate to kill you. But first...

Make sure you do this, otherwise it has a high chance of running away. Doing this pisses it off.


It'll proceed to attack you with a strong Charge, Ragnarok, and Tornado. DO NOT TAKE THESE GUYS LIGHTLY.

They also have a chance to drop the Goo King Sword, Ken's best weapon, which is only outclassed by Momo's Atomic Bomb.

Rei needs to open this door. Unlike the others, this one locks itself behind you.

It's like Poison Ivy's lair here.

The Silver Tiara is another piece of blessed armor for Nina and Momo. Unfortunately, the only way to get a second one is the Copy Shop. It also has their helmet with the highest defense. There is literally no reason not to equip it.

A weapon for Garr.

And I have absolutely no clue why these guys are here.

Or why they give you a choice here.

: It looks like we're outside... But it's just another room...

There's a couple treasures to get here, too.

And this is where I'll leave you guys today. Next time comes my favorite part of the game!