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Part 17: Chapter Seventeen: Battleships

We begin this update exploring Auria Tower. To be honest, it’s not so much ‘exploring’ as it is ‘walking up two flights of stairs’. There are no random encounters and the key isn’t protected by anything. There’s a single F.Stone to collect on the way up and that’s it.

: Ugh…the light…so bright…

: Don’t look directly at the key!

: Hurry up and take it before we all go blind!

: Ah, that’s better.

: This key wasn’t even guarded. It would have been child’s play for one of the Dark Dragons to fly in here and make off with it.

: I see you have the LtKey. Very good – you’ll do far better at keeping it out of Zog’s hands than I would. Please, go down to the docks and speak with the captain. I’ve informed him to take you wherever you wish to go.

: So, fearless leader…I’ve been wondering…what’s your beef with the Dark Dragons? I mean, sure, I don’t like ‘em either, but you seem really…driven. Like you really enjoy kicking Zog in the gonads.

:…I guess it’d be wrong to keep it from you guys any longer. The truth is, the Dark Dragons took my sister.

: Losing a sibling is always hard. I lost many brothers in arms when the Dark Dragons came, although it’s not exactly the same.

: Sara is the reason I came all this way. I know it’s foolish – I don’t even know if she’s still alive…

: I am sure she is, Ryu. If she is half as strong as you are, I am certain she is still alive and waiting for you.

: Thanks, Nina. That really means a lot to me.

: Ahoy there, you lot!

: If you’re gonna get rid of ‘em, do it fast before more arrive and blockade the port!

: So what if we do, tinman?

: Ah, some slime from Bleak. I will take great pleasure in wiping you from the soles of my boots after I take the LtKey from your corpse, worm.

: I’m afraid that’s not going to happen. Stand aside before you get hurt.

: Oh, I see how it is now…a mewling Light Dragon whelp from Drogan, eh? I burned a good number of your kinsmen to ash that day! I am pleased to have the chance to do so again!

: You…were there, that day?!

: Sorry, no time to reminisce about how many pathetic maggots I may or may not have crushed under my heels. There’s the LtKey to consider, after all!

There are two enemies in this fight – the Knight and his companion, Archer. Neither are very tough and only use physical attacks aside from the occasional weak T.Bolt from the Knight. They go down quickly and it is entirely possible to win the fight just by turning on Autobattle. For this reason I won’t be including a video of it.

: It seems that fat old man has more guts than I gave him credit for. Perhaps we’ll get to see them before the day is out!

: Archer! Signal the fleet to prepare for bombardment!

: Be a good little maggot and stay here until the main invasion force arrives. We’ll see how well you do when you’re facing down one of Emperor Zog’s legions!

: Argh! Curse those Dark Dragons!

: Captain…we sincerely apologise…if we had not asked Ross to grant us passage, then…

:…Bah, it’s not your fault. It was only a matter of time before they moved to blockade the port. Still…it looks like you won’t be seeing Scande after all. I’m sorry about that – I’d have enjoyed hearing news about the trouble you’d cause over there.

: I don’t believe this. I’m beginning to think reaching Scande is going to be impossible.

: “Impossible”, you say? Oh, no, no, not at all!

: What do you mean, “main camp”?

: Why, the camp the Dark Dragon Knight is using as a staging area, of course! It’s where his ship is moored.

: You could steal the Knight’s ship and sail it right down to Scande without anyone challenging you.

: Is that so, fish man? It’s rather convenient that you just happen to have a solution to our problems right when we needed one. What do you get out of this, huh?

: For once, I am in agreement with our disreputable companion. This Manillo seems to be a very suspicious character, particularly as he shows up right when we need him.

: Your accusations wound me, good woman. I am Gobi, a simple businessman willing to lend you a helping hand. Your companions visited my item shop here in Auria a number of times, as a matter of fact.

:…Ah, now I remember. We had to purchase the G.Bar from your shop.

: Indeed. As for how I managed to be so prepared, word of your deeds reached me before you did. You have a reputation for defeating the Dark Dragons at every turn, and I thought such a string of victories would prompt Zog to take more…decisive…action this time. A naval invasion seemed inevitable given Auria’s status as a major harbor.

: It seems you were correct in that.

: I simply anticipated something like this would happen and planned accordingly – call it an investment, a gamble if you will. Thankfully it paid off and you are now in need of my help. Of course, I am a businessman…my services won’t be free.

: G.Bars, again?

: Oh, yes. Gold is a wonderful metal and having more of it is always an advantage in the financial world. Would you like to purchase one from my shop and simply give it back to me now, or did you perchance run across another somewhere in your travels?

Luckily, we already have a second G.Bar from our explorations after recruiting Karn.

: Ugh, fine. Here, take your gold.

: It was a pleasure doing business with you.

: I wonder if I could steal it back…

: There’s no point. Let’s just go.

With the GnPwdr we can now open up the blocked passage in Cape Cave.

It explodes and the party can pass through.

: This area is sheltered by cliffs and hidden by trees and shrubs. No wonder the Knight chose to hide his ship here.

: The ship looks deserted.

: We should proceed cautiously nonetheless.

The Dark Dragon ship is a fairly small place but the fact that it’s split into many different areas make it feel bigger than it really is. There are no random encounters, but the party periodically runs into Dark Dragon patrols. They aren’t anything to write home about, though.

: Hmph. So, the Light Dragon pup has made his way here, has he?

: I’ll have to upgrade you from ‘maggot’ to ‘rat’. Congratulations on becoming a higher class of vermin. It doesn’t matter, though…

: You’re good…but I’m better!

: That’s funny, because I’m pretty sure I remember you running away with your tail between your legs last time we fought.

: Oh, don’t worry. That first fight was just a test. This time I’ll be using the full power granted to me by Emperor Zog, Lord Jade and the Goddess Tyr!

Just like the General, the other Knight also transforms into a powerful beastie before fighting the party. Luckily the Squid isn’t nearly as deadly as the Gremlin. He has a strong attack that hits all party members, but he’s also very weak to lightning and takes 150% damage from all attacks with that element. That includes Ryu’s basic attack whilst in dragon form, so he goes down very quickly.

(Video – Squid)

: Ugh…I was meant for better things than this!! You scumbags…you scumbags!!

: How pathetic.

: Sad that he wasted his last breath on a curse.

: Hey, the ship’s treasury! I’m sure the Dark Dragons won’t be needing any of these…

The chests contain two Acorns and two Herbs. Not much, but they can still be useful.

: This must be the ship’s magazine.

: It doesn’t look like any other Dark Dragons are on board. We should go back to Auria and inform the Captain that we have a ship ready and waiting for him.

And that’s the end of today’s update. Next time we'll be fighting some proper naval battles.