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Breath of Fire

by Scintilla

Part 18: Chapter Eighteen: Attack Ship

: Captain! The plan worked – we took the Dark Dragon’s by surprise and seized their ship.

[Captain: Well, I’ll be! A Dark Dragon vessel will take us to Scande much faster than Mr. Ross’s ship!]

: We must work together to protect our city.

: Such power should not be used for war and destruction!

: Having felt only the barest fraction of such power, I have to agree. Such abilities could tear the world apart if used for war.

: Let’s go!

: Wait!

: Karn?

: Hey, uh…I know it’s kinda sudden, but…

: You want to come with us?

: Yeah. I mean…I’ve been thinking. If the Dark Dragons were willing to attack Auria, they sure as hell wouldn’t hesitate to wipe Bleak off the map. It’s a hole, yeah, but it’s still my home. Plus, Scande is probably gonna be locked up tighter than lady’s sense of humor, so you’ll need a guy who can crack open doors.

: Of course – we’d welcome your help, Karn.

: Hmph. Just make sure you keep your paws off my belongings.

: Thanks, fearless leader! And it’s fine, lady, it’s not like you have anything useful anyway.

: Oh, it’s the fish man scammer. Hey there, buddy.

: Why should we help someone who took advantage of the Dark Dragon’s attack to engage in some petty profiteering?

: C’mon! The more the merrier!

: I don’t care.

: Thank you. I won’t be a burden. I promise.

: Raise the anchor!

: At last, we’re at sea. It’s been a long trip with many delays, but Scande is just over the horizon.

: Ryu, there you are. I spoke with the Captain, and he says that we can reach the southern continent in less than a week if this wind keeps up.

: That’s good. No doubt some other delay will crop up, though. They always do whenever we seem to be making progress.

: Dragon’s blood! What’s going on?!

: We’re under attack!

: Dark Dragon ships!

: I’m on the wrong ship!

: Put a sock in it, fish man.

: Its one vessel against three, and my crew aren’t trained to use the canons.

: But we’ve come so far!

: There’s too many of them! We should retreat!

: If we flee then the city will surely fall under Zog’s control.

: Prepare yourselves! The Dark Dragons are trying to board us!

: This ship belonged to my brother. Where is he!?

: There’s a funny story about that. And by that I mean it was hilarious watching our fearless leader fry him to a crisp when he thought he could take us all on singlehandedly.

: Uh, Ryu…I know you’re ready for a fight and all, but…

: Are you serious?

: Not all of us can breathe underwater like you, fish man.

: A-and I cannot swim!

: Don’t worry – I have a plan.

: Cowards! You will not escape my vengeance!

A fight against two Archers and a Lancer follows. It’s not even worthy of the boss music that accompanies it.

: This way!

: I won’t let you escape!

Another fight follows, just as pathetic as the last.

: We have you now. You’ll know our wrath!!

The first fight is against two Archers. After they go down the main event begins.

: Brother! Please watch over me while I crush these cretinous dogs!

Interestingly enough, Octo is not a palette swap of Squid – the latter has a beak whereas the former does not. Honestly, he’s not hard at all, particularly since he also shares his brother’s limited movepool and weakness to lightning. The usual tactic of spamming Fry and attacking with the thunder dragon is the best way to finish him.

(Video – Octo)

: Brother…I’ll be seeing you again very soon…I’m sorry I couldn’t avenge you properly…but at least the scum who murdered you won’t escape alive!

: Let’s go!

: Holy crap, this whole place is gonna blow!

: There is not much time!

: Hang on!

What will happen to our brave heroes? Find out next time!