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Part 22: Chapter Twenty Two: Fortress Wars

Last time the party spoke to someone who was obsessed with boomerangs and rambled on about eggs. There is a method in his madness, however.

: Well, here we are. Anybody have any clever ideas?

: Well, our mysterious friend has disappeared.

: That’s not the only thing that’s different. Look – that egg wasn’t there last time either.

: It looks exotic…and valuable. I wonder how much it could be sold for? Let’s see how much it weighs…

:…Wait, Gobi, don’t-

Touching the egg triggers a boss battle against a GrimFowl. The GrimFowl isn’t too hard, especially since Shin’s longbow utterly wrecks it. It has fire magic that deals heavy damage, but the party should never really come close to losing.

(Video – GrimFowl)

: That was a close one!

: Truly, your greed knows no bounds.

: Uh, guys…the birds are following us…

: They seem to be fixated by the egg.

: Hmm…Aha. Everyone, follow me. I have a plan.

: Uh, it’s still following us!

: Good. Now, give me the egg.

: My precious egg!

: Come on, fish man. Who would want to buy something that’ll hatch into a twelve foot tall feathered killing machine?

: A surprising number of people!

: Well, that takes care of the guard detail. Quickly, run in whilst the soldiers are distracted!

:…It looks like the chaos has spread inside as well. Let us hurry onwards.

Before heading downstairs, the right-hand pot here contains a SkullRG, an accessory that boosts attack power.

: Your abilities indeed impressive. Were it any other day I would gladly challenge your strength personally, but sadly I am needed elsewhere.

: Instead, I will leave these…distasteful creatures…to do battle with you in my place. Farewell.

The next boss battle is against three SlimeX’s. They aren’t tough at all and can be killed within three turns, but once they fall their remains combine into one giant SlimeX that must be killed once more in order to end the battle. As with most bosses lately it’s not a real challenge, especially since it lacks magic attacks.

(Video – SlimeX)

: The General got away.

: They have a nasty habit of doing that.

: And the last time it happened, Tuntar was destroyed. I won’t let the same thing happen to Prima!


: Ox…? Ox! You came to save us!

:…Of course I did. Are you alright, my love? Did they hurt you?

: No…No, I’m fine. All the other girls are here too.

:…I see. That’s good. I worried that our…hm.

: Oh, but it’s terrible!

: Loading the weapon onto a ship would take time – there’s a chance the General is still here. Come on everyone! We head for the castle docks!

: As I thought! The General is still here!

: As I thought, your abilities are a threat to the entire Empire. Unfortunately, I am afraid I cannot meet with you in honorable combat just yet. There is still the issue of Prima, after all.

: Wait! Stop!

: Farewell, young warrior. I look forward to the day we can finally meet in battle.

: Ox!

: What?! There’s no time to lose! We have to warn Prima immediately!

: Calm down, Gobi. Panicking here won’t help anyone. Do you have any ideas on what to do next? You know Prima the best, after all.

:…Yes. You’re right, Ryu. Let me think…Ah! Yes, it’s simple!

: For the sake of our children.

: Yes, I know.

:…We will have peace before our baby is born.


: You should go with them, Ox. Don’t worry about us – we can make our way back to Gant safely.

:…Very well. Be safe, my love. I will return to you, I promise.

The party automatically warps back to Prima.

: Guildmaster! We bring terrible news from Nabal!

: Calm yourself, Gobi. What has happened?

: We discovered that the Dark Dragons were building a weapon at Nabal. We attacked the castle, but the weapon was already loaded onto a ship and we failed to stop it from leaving. The weapon is a torpedo, an explosive device capable of propelling itself down to the sea floor.

: They’re going to attack Prima! Guildmaster, what do we do?

: Our people are merchants, not warriors – being at the bottom of the ocean, we have had no reason to defend ourselves until now. Any ship that tried to stop the torpedo from being used would be blown out of the water. Only the sorceress’s black magic can save us now.

: The legendary sorceress? Would she really help us?

: I thought she had sealed herself away until the end times. Is waking her even possible?

: Sleeping upstairs is a man who found his way into Wisdon once before. If it is possible to enter the city itself, it isn’t beyond belief that the sorceress can be woken. If there is even a slim chance that she can save us, we must take it.

: Um, excuse me, sir. I’m sorry to disturb your rest, but we must speak to you about the sorceress of Wisdon.

: But isn’t the city sealed off? How can we get there in that case?

: Well, I suppose that’s that. We’re off to Wisdon. There’s just one problem.

: We don’t know where Wisdon is.

: Precisely.

Where is Wisdon? We've actually seen it before in a previous update, although I didn't draw attention to it. We'll be going there next update to see the sorceress and hopefully put an end to the Dark Dragon's plans for Prima.