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by Scintilla

Part 25: Chapter Twenty Five: Dark Souls

Music: Breath of Fire – The Dark Dragons

:…Hmph. Don’t be such a sycophant, Jade. We both know that the Empire’s forces have experienced repeated setbacks in recent times. Nanai, Winlan, the Stone Robot, the LtKey…and now Prima.

: The survivors are being shipped back to Scande as we speak. Sadly, the General leading them perished during the attack, but we may still gain some knowledge of what happened there by interrogating those who were there on the ground.

: So the General died, did he…A pity. He was a good soldier. This entire matter with Prima bothers me, Jade. It bothers me greatly. Hmm. Could it have been…?

: The Light Dragons, my Lord? Forgive me, sire, but I do not think so. I personally torched their little enclave. Even their vaunted prodigy could barely hold me for five minutes. I doubt any could have survived.

: You are mistaken, Jade. My spies have informed me that our recent defeats have been the result of a small group of warriors led by a man with the power to transform into a dragon.

: My Lord, surely they must be mistaken-

: There is no mistake. I can feel him, Jade. He is weak now, but his strength is growing steadily. He and his little band of companions are a threat.

: They have the E.Key, the KngKey, the LtKey and the DkKey! If you had done your job as thoroughly as you claim, those keys would now be in my possession, Jade.

: My most sincere apologies, Lord. I will endeavor to be more successful in the future.

: See that you do. As for the little band of warriors…

: The goddess must be revived soon. The splintered, fragmented nations need a strong ruler to unify them into a single Empire. With Tyr’s power, I will lead the world into a new Golden Age of prosperity.

:…Come on out, everyone. There is work to be done.

: What do you make of this, Commander?

: Commander, I’m concerned.

: Could it really be the Light Dragons? Regardless, it’s probably not worth the Commander’s time.

: The General’s failure is but a momentary distraction. Heeheehee…

: Cerl. I’m entrusting you with the recovery of the TmKey. As for your little request about Carmen, I see no problem with it. Just make sure the key stays in your hands.

: Of course, Commander Jade. I’ve been waiting a long time for this…

: Goda. I want you to stay here and oversee the excavation of Obelisk. Keep an especially close eye out for any potential traitors.

: As you say, Commander. I will thoroughly purge the workforce of any subversive elements.

: Cort. Continue with your experiments. Lord Zog was most interested in the potential applications of that monstrous flower you showed him.

: I shall redouble my efforts and improve my designs, Commander. I only need a little time to prepare.

: Mote. The Dirt-Eater clan has become secretive of late – no doubt they plan to try and escape their servitude to our Emperor. Make them reconsider.

: Heeheehee…Consider it done, Lord Jade…Heeheehee…

: Hmm…Where are you, Dragon of Light…?

: You have bested us again and again. I wonder how you will fare against my subordinates…

The screen fades out, and when it returns it focuses on Ryu’s party in Prima.

: Prima would have been toast if that explosion had been any closer!

: The General’s power was low from fighting us. It is fortunate that his blast did not reach the city.

: I’m going with them! Ryu still owes me money!

: It’s okay to admit that you enjoy this whole ‘adventuring’ business!

: Noooo!

: B-besides, you people are clearly fiscally incompetent! You need someone to manage your finances!

: *Sigh*

: Well, I’m not going to turn away someone offering help. You’re welcome to come with us, Gobi. Just don’t try to make us pay tens of thousands of GP for stuff.

: I have a funny feeling that doing something like that again would be hazardous to my long-term health. But anyway!

: I have to pick up my license!

: There’s a joke about goldfish’s memory in there somewhere.

: Uh…“Sphere”?

: It was confiscated when my license was revoked, but now that it has been returned I can transform into a Big Fish once more!

: I see. So it is similar to how my clan can turn into Great Birds.

: That brings back memories. It was a real shock seeing the transformation for the first time. Can you also turn into a bird, Nina?

: In a few years, perhaps. The transformation can only be initiated after we become adults.

The other chest contains a MystSF, an item similar to the SilverBR that cuts down on enemy encounters. With the Sphere, Gobi can now turn into a Big Fish whilst underwater.

Music: 32 – Gobi Transforms

Whilst in this form random encounters are removed and certain obstacles can be swum over. It also has its own whimsical theme tune. Our next destination is to the west of the sea volcano and across the abyssal trench, but there’s somewhere else that the party can visit first.

: Nina, there’s something I’d like to ask of you.

: How can I help you, Ryu?

: Before we continue, I’d just like to check whether Camlon is alright. They were in the middle of rebuilding the keep and the town when I left, and the thought that the monsters might have returned has been bothering me for some time.

: Of course I can take you there. Hold on – I will go and get everyone and we can all go together.


: It seems the people of Camlon are doing splendidly.

: You should speak to the King. I’m sure he’ll want to thank you again.

: Ah, Ryu! You have returned! Have you been successful in your quest?

: Not yet, my Lord. Every time I think I’m getting closer, another setback snatches my sister further out of my reach.

: Don’t worry, my boy. I have faith that you will find what you seek eventually. I wish we could offer you something tangible to help you on your way, but we have exhausted most of our resources on rebuilding.

: Please don’t worry about such things, my Lord.

: Hmm. Come to think of it, we do have something to offer you…a symbolic gift to the one who saved our nation. Before you go…please go down to the central plaza. There’s a special surprise waiting for you there.

: Hmm, okay.

:…I don’t know what to say. This…this it too much. I didn’t even do very much – most of it was just pure luck.

: Ugh, how sickeningly modest. Just like the other guy who led the eight of us all those centuries ago. It must be in the blood or something.

Music: 39 – Overworld 2

Much like the battle theme, the world map music has also received an update that is far superior to the original. Our next stop is back underwater, so let’s jump back to Prima for a bit.

We return to the Flea Market. Gobi unlocking the Sphere triggers a change in the items available here, introducing a second, higher tier of equipment on offer. There is a way to cheese the Flea Market that I didn’t mention before, and that is to store all your items before setting up shop. Without dozens of customers trying to buy your stack of 9 Herbs over and over again, getting the rarer items becomes much quicker and easier.

Notable items are:

The Sleeper, Gobi’s best weapon. Yes, it can be obtained this early, although Gobi isn’t a great character so it probably won’t see much use.
The EvilRP, a good weapon for Nina.
The AngelAR, a great piece of armor that reflects magic. I already have Nina wearing this, but Bleu can wear it as well, so I get another one for her.
The DarkDR, Karn’s best weapon. Ryu can also equip it, but there’s a very powerful sword for him coming up anyway so I stick it on Karn for the rest of the game.

With that out of the way, it’s time to get on with the plot.

:…The General really was determined to bring us all down with him. Look at all this devastation…it will be many years before these craters are covered up.

: I can swim over them, so they won’t get in our way. Uh…by the way, Ryu, where are we going next? If there’s a beach nearby, I can take us right there!

: Before, I would have said Scande. Now, though…it’s painful to admit, but stopping Zog is more important than rescuing my sister.

: In that case, I suggest we head west to Tunlan. The TmKey is their Royal Family’s treasure.

: Tunlan is on an island across the ocean trench, but swimming over it will be no problem now!

: Tunlan has been isolationist for many years. I am afraid my books were rather silent on the matter of their culture.

Music: 30 – Town of Tunlan

: Is there a carnival going on? I can hear a lot of singing.

:…Why not ask the locals?

:…um. She’s singing at me.

:…and so is this one.

:…as are the Palace guards.

: How bizarre.

: Perhaps this is their way of communicating? Like the songbird, perhaps?

: Hey, fearless leader! While you were gabbing with the locals, guess what I found!

: The door to the castle’s treasury!

Of course, getting the TmKey isn't going to be so easy. Join us next time when we finally unlock Ryu's second tier of dragon transformations and pick up an amazing sword in the process.