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Breath of Fire

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Part 24: Chapter Twenty Four: Storm Master

The inside of the sea volcano is a regular cave with some bubble streamers and a wavy-screen effect.

Oh, and some seaweed too. Anyhow, it’s time to take stock of the area’s new enemies!

This is the DogFish, Fishy’s leaner, meaner cousin. He has high defense but pretty much nothing else, so he’s basically just a damage soak that wastes your time.

These nautiloid enemies are called Tentacles. They might do something, but their defense and speed is so low and they get oneshotted by the party so often that it doesn’t matter.

AmeblobX, on the other hand, is horribly lethal. Like their predecessors these enemies get smaller as you hit them and can regenerate their HP with healing spells. They can also poison and put your party members to sleep, but that’s not the worst they can do. When near death they cast a high-level lightning spell that hits every party member for 100+ damage. You really, really have to take these guys down as quickly as possible.

This dungeon is really short and it doesn’t take long before the party reaches the magma chamber.

: So what, we just throw the egg into the magma?

: It does seem a little excessive…

: Th-that’s what the sorceress said, right? Then that’s what we’ll do! Ryu! Throw it in, posthaste!

: Okay then…




:…It’s hard to see from here, but…it looks like the egg is getting bigger.

: What do we do now? Nothing is happening!

: Perhaps we should return to the sorceress. She did tell us to come back after we had done this, after all.

: *Sigh*, gather round everybody…

: We did as you instructed and dropped the egg into the volcano. Now what?

: Such impatience. That egg will hatch soon enough. First, though, I want to know why it was so important to wake me up.

: The Dark Dragon clan is attempting to revive the goddess Tyr, and has thrown the world into chaos as a result. We were hoping that you could aid us by saving Prima, and after that help us to defeat the Dark Dragons and prevent Tyr’s release.

:…So, it is happening again. I suppose it was inevitable that someone would try to revive Tyr eventually.

: So you’ll come with us?

:...Yes. I originally went to sleep with the intention of awakening when Tyr threatened the world once more. If these Dark Dragons really do intend to revive her, I must join whoever opposes them.

: Also it means I get to go sightseeing. I’m going to mess with so many people from now on.

: Did you say something, sorceress?

: Nope! And call me Bleu, please.

And with that, Bleu joins the party and we are warped back to Prima and automatically rest at the inn in preparation for the attack.

We now have Bleu in the party as our dedicated Black Mage.

As can be seen, she possesses a large range of attack magic, including some very potent Quake spells that target an entire enemy group. She also has Exit, a powerful utility spell that instantly warps the party out of dungeons. Her large AP pool means she can keep casting over and over until the enemy falls down and bleeds to death.

Sadly her attack and defense are pathetic, even worse than Nina’s. As a result, Bleu will be spending all her time in the back row, nuking the enemies from long range. Since that’s what she excels at, I foresee no problems in putting her in the active party. Unlike other party members, Bleu has no field ability.

: They’re finally making a move.

: Alright. Let’s see if Bleu’s strategy works.

: Of course it will! My plans are always perfect.

: Of course! Gelagelagela!

: Her magic is…certainly…unique…

: Hmph! You doubt the great Bleu? I, who personally spanked little-miss-goddess Tyr herself? Ohohoho, you youngsters will see my prowess soon enough.

: Gobi, listen to me.

: Yes, sir. I know!

: Just be careful, Gobi. Getting your license back won’t mean anything if you don’t come back alive.

:…My people made this weapon. It is only right that we help to stop it.

: This rousing speech stuff is all well and good, but…how are we going to actually get to the boat once the storm begins?

: Do not worry about that.

:…Huh. Welp, alrighty then.

:…It’s a bit cramped.

: Ow. Who just elbowed me?

: Please stop touching my wings, everyone. They are very sensiti-AAH!

: Okay, who just trod on my tail? Come on, ‘fess up before I turn everyone into toads.

: Stop fussing. The fate of an entire city is worth more than a few bumps and bruises.

: How is it out there?

: Why are the Dark Dragons approaching now? I thought the torpedo was a weapon that could be launched from long range.

:…Perhaps there was a problem with the torpedo’s propulsion system, or maybe the Dark Dragons simply want to be completely sure of a direct hit on the city.

: Regardless, if we time this correctly we can surface, attack the torpedo ship and disable it before the escort ships can fire on us.

: Is everyone ready?

: Urgh! We misjudged our attack!

: We’re sitting ducks here!

: We can’t run! Bleu, we need some fancy moves!

: Typhoon Bug, do your work!

: Uh…nothing’s happening.

: Well, we’re still getting shot at. That’s happening I guess.


: Oh, calm down everyone. See? It’s here already.

:…Such incredible power…

: Ahaha! Now do you doubt me?

:…It certainly is effective.

:…Where’d it go? There are still three ships left.


: It’s.

: It’s all part of the plan.

: Is that so?

: O-of course! It was obviously on purpose! Now you can have a climactic battle with the enemy leader! That’s the way these things have to be, you know! Come on! Chop chop! Get to it, young man, there’s three more ships for you to finish!


: The Dark Dragons are abandoning their ships and diving beneath the waves. They must have Gills as well.

:…They probably intend to make a last desperate attack against Prima.

: Let’s dive back down to the sea floor and cut them off before they reach the city.

: The Manillo are being pushed back! As long as their commander stands the Dark Dragons morale remains unbroken. We should push through and eliminate him before anything else!

: Agreed. Let’s go!

: Very impressive. Your sorcerer must be mighty indeed, to be able to destroy my armada so effortlessly.

: Sorceress, actually. And yes, I am indeed very mighty. Sometimes I surprise even myself.

: Even so, I will not retreat! I took an oath before Lord Zog that I would serve the Empire until my dying breath! You have made yourselves into enemies of the world’s mightiest clan and killed many of my loyal followers!

For this battle the General transforms himself into the Pincher. The Pincher has strong defense but weak attack and will do less than 20 damage to anyone in the party who isn’t Bleu. Speaking of Bleu, her magic is very useful as it bypasses the Pincher’s high defense. The one thing to watch out of during this fight is that the Pincher will begin to use high-level lightning magic when close to death. He can cast a T.Bolt spell that hits the entire party for 90 – 100 damage, which can be devastating depending on how much damage he managed to deal before then.

(Video – Pincher)

: Stop! Cease this madness and accept your defeat!

: Never! I would gladly give my life for the Dark Dragon Empire! If I cannot serve my Emperor in life, then I shall make my death meaningful by using it to destroy you!

: Get away from him! Can’t you see it in his eyes? He’s absolutely serious!


The party flees as the General self-destructs. Did they survive? Is Prima alright? Tune in next time to find out.