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Breath of Fire

by Scintilla

Part 29: Chapter Twenty Nine: Plant Tycoon

: Well, it looks like we’re off to get some…frog…Oil. Uh, anyone know where the Frog Cave is?

: It can be found on a section of coast south of here. It is blocked off by coral and sharp rocks, but I can take everyone there as the Big Fish.

It should be noted that Bleu has temporarily left the party and this next section of the game takes place without her. It’s not a terrible loss, though, and she’ll be back soon enough.

: That’s the cave. Nobody goes there, except for greenhorn merchants trying to make a profit off the Oil.

: Oh, visitors! Welcome, friends! What can we do for you this good morning?

: Let me handle this, everyone. Greetings, my fine amphibian friends! We would like to discuss acquiring some of your exquisite frog Oil for medicinal purposes. Perhaps we could come to some sort of mutually beneficial agreement?

: Well, there is one thing…

: I could eat a very big G.Fly.

: Excellent. Now then…where might we find one of these magnificent G.Flies?

: They live near Gust. I think.

: Back to Gust it is, then.

: Hey, fearless leader. Remember that dude we spoke to before? The guy with really weird priorities who was more concerned with losing his lunch than the fact that the village was going insane around him?

:…Oh, yes. What of it?

: Didn’t he say his lunch was stolen by a fly?

: He did. I advise that we investigate further.

: The blasted thing is hiding in this cave. If you’re going in there, make sure it doesn’t do the same to you!

This area is really short, barely two screens, with no random encounters.

The next boss is naturally the G.Fly. The G.Fly is another boss with no real gimmicks who goes down very quickly. I recorded a video anyway to show off Ryu’s snow dragon attack.

(Video – G.Fly)

: Hmm. I wonder what the supply and demand amongst frogs is for G.Flies. Perhaps there are trading opportunities in there somewhere…

: Hello again, friends! We come bearing the G.Fly you asked for.

: Wow, you really found one! Mmmm, it smells delicious! Here, take the Oil in return!

: I still think this is a foolish endeavor.

:…We must put our faith in the sorceress. Let us return to Gust once more and see what she has in mind.

: Honestly, what took you so long? Well, at least you brought what I asked for.


: It…it actually worked?!

: Hohoho. The wise, beautiful and powerful Bleu proves the doubters wrong yet again! Sometimes I amaze even myself.

: Whatever. Probably a coincidence anyway.

: Please stop arguing for a moment and listen to me! We have to act before it’s too late!

: If it spreads its seeds, the world will go insane.

: Well, now we know for sure that the plant is the cause. Let’s find a way to destroy it before it can spread.

: Now, let me just look into my crystal ball for a moment and see if I can help you…

: *Cough* *Cough*, what?!

:…*Cough*. It exploded…

: *Cough*, how unusual.

: Wonderful.

: Whatever, let’s go already.

: Cort!

: Hello there, Light Dragon. You are proving to be distressingly resilient. Nevertheless, I have to say…

And so we have our next boss fight. Our opponent this time is FlowerX. FlowerX is tougher than the G.Fly, but not by much. Its attacks do around 50 damage and it can inflict poison on party members, but overall it’s not too tough. Once again, Shin is incredibly overpowered in this fight.

(Video – FlowerX)

: Argh! That was my masterpiece, you ignorant cretins! But no.

: In fact I’ll let you go, for now.

: You mean you are running away, you coward.

: Nonsense! Consider this a stay of execution!

Cort teleports away…

:…It looks like everyone is back in their right minds.

: That’s right. By the way, how is Nicholie?

: Nicholie is, uh…well, you see…

: What is that noise, Bleu?

: There’s a monster causing a commotion! Wait, that’s Nicholie!

: Well, the thing is…

: A mistake?

: I would feel better about being vindicated in my doubts were it not for the fact that it means there is a monster running loose in here.

RugaX is exactly the same as he was before, so I’m not going to record a video of myself pasting him. Rest assured that he goes down quickly.

: Okay! I think I’ve got it this time. Leave it to me!

: Oh dear.

: Here we go again.

: Better stand back, everyone.

: Honestly, is anybody even surprised at this point?

: Huh. Looks like the snake lady isn’t totally incompetent after all.

: Where am I?

: Oh. Ohohoho. See? He’s back to normal, just as I probably thought he would be.

: Phew!

: I didn’t think that I would ever be myself again! Let me return the favor by fixing the bridge.

: Please rest here until the bridge is fixed.

The screen fades to black, and thus this update draws to a close.