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Breath of Fire

by Scintilla

Part 37: Chapter Thirty Seven: Time Hollow

: Aaaaaaaahhh!!!

: Aaaaaaahhh!!!

: Ugh…ow. Huh? Oh, that’s good – looks like I didn’t break anything important. Is everyone alright? Is everyone-


: Where is everyone? Are they alright? Did they make it out alright? No, I won’t think about that. We probably just got separated. I’ll go back to Carmen and ask Alan if he’s seen them.

We are now controlling Ryu alone. This makes the random encounters much harder, especially since some of the monsters are M.Fleas who love to spam Shock.

: Hmm, what an odd tree. This whole area is ruined, and it looks like a destroyed town is nearby, but…this tree is untouched. Well, whatever – I better get a move on.

: That didn’t take long, thank goodness.

: Thank goodness my worries were unfounded. What’s the situation right now?

: Come inside – we’ve been speaking to Alan and you need to hear what he has to say.

: I hear that they were childhood friends.

: Is that so? She certainly seemed to recognize you.

: Cerl is a friend. I know that she’d never help the Dark Dragons.

:…I am sorry to say that she is, Alan. She was the one who is using the TmKey to stop time here in Carmen. We were there when she stole the key from Tunlan on Zog’s orders.

: No, that can’t be right!

: You don’t know her like I do!

: Hey, wait up!

: It’s not safe to go alone. We’ll come with you.

: Too late – he’s already gone. Well, time to catch up I suppose.

:…Back again, hm.

There’s nothing new or different here from the last time we came, except Nina levels up and learns CuraX, a spell that heals every party member for 250 HP.

:…Hey, fearless leader? I’ve been wondering something…

: What is it, Karn?

: We haven’t seen Alan yet, and this is the last floor before we see Cerl again. So…how did Alan make it up there without any weapons or knowledge of how to solve this place’s puzzles?

:…Good question. Perhaps he is exceptionally talented.

Music: 51 – Alan and Cerl Forever


: Why aren’t you saying anything, Cerl?

: Yes I do!

: Just as I thought…it is you, Cerl!

: I left Carmen and searched everywhere for you, but no matter where I looked, you weren’t there…but now I-

: Ha!

Cerl lashes out at Alan.

: Cerl…why…

: My childhood was full of pain. Why should I remember it fondly? And you! Where were you when the villagers threw me out and left me to die like an animal? Those days were a living hell, but they taught me an important lesson!

: I’ve learned to be tough in order to survive. I’ll destroy anyone in my way.

: Look out! She’s using the power of the goddess!

: Ha…goddess? No. This is my own power. Unlike the others, my strength belongs to me and me alone!

Cerl transforms into a lion…crab…praying mantis…thing. Honestly, she’s pretty easy though. She only has physical attacks, one that hits a single target for 40 odd damage and another that hits the entire party for a similar amount. Once she loses enough HP the fight automatically ends.

(Video – Cerl)

: As long as I have the TmKey I can still win!

: Carmen again?

: What?!

: Why so surprised? All I did was advance their time by a dozen years. If you don’t leave this place right now…

: It’d serve those vile animals right, too.

: She’s got us! We have to retreat.

: Urgh, this again…!


: Whoa!

: Aaah!

:…Are you alright, Nina?

:…Yes. A bit bruised, but…I am mostly unharmed.

: That’s good. But…where are we?

: Cerl!

: Enough talk, monster! Let us finish this here and now!

: Don’t you dare call me a monster!

: Only a monster would butcher an unarmed man, and a friend no less!

: I was…! Oh…Whatever. I’m going inside. Don’t bother following me.

: Is it really impossible to get in?

: The seal is very powerful. I doubt any of us could break it immediately.

: Good idea. We need to come up with a plan of some kind if we're going to get the TmKey back.