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Part 44: Chapter Forty Four: Agni’s Philosophy

: Uhhhhh…

:…What? I’m…back in Drogan? But…Pagoda…we were…how did I get here?

: When I woke up and walked outside, I found you.

: She really was…watching over me…

:…Yes. I see that now. But where is everyone else?

: Everyone is here, Ryu!

: Three days…? That’s pretty scary.

: It’s great that you woke up and all, but stuff’s been getting real bad over the past three days!

: Everyone is waiting outside. Let’s go!

: He’s right. Let’s go!

: I’m right behind you.

: It doesn’t look good for us.

: That’s true, but we’ve been through tough situations before. We can pull through here too!

: It’s our responsibility!

: Nina can take us there at once!

: Alright then!

: Let’s stop Jade!

:…! Wait, stop!

: Ryu?! What’s the matter?

: I can feel the power of the Dragon calling to me again. It feels like…like there’s still some potential I haven’t unlocked. I feel we should go northeast, towards Romero.

: Okay Ryu, if you feel something there then I will change our course.

: That’s it! I feel a strong force pulling at me towards Ease Cave!

: That’s where we found the cleansing water…

: Perhaps there is something else there that you didn’t find the first time.

:…It’s coming from under the water.

As an aside, it is possible to refill the WtrJr with Cleansing Water. It can be used in battle to revive and restore HP and AP to everyone in the party.

With the Gills, the party can now descend the stairs into a hidden area.

: Th-this is…the Shrine of Agni? But I thought this was just a legend…

: Welcome, Ryu. I have been waiting for you for a long, long time. Not even the hero who sealed the goddess Tyr made it this far. To you, I offer the ultimate power of Agni.

: Are there no trials? No test to prove my worth?

: That you stand here before me now, having mastered all of the previous dragon forms without succumbing to pride and corruption is proof enough of your worth.

: Agni is the ultimate power. With it you can destroy Tyr for good. However…

: When the time comes, your friends must lend you their aid.

:…Thank you, Dragon God. I will be sure to make use of this power when the time comes.

Hell yeah! Agni is the final, secret dragon transformation. I’ll be saving it for the final boss for reasons that should become apparent once I use it. With the last dragon transformation in tow, we’re ready to face Breath of Fire’s final dungeon.

: What is that thing?

: That flying fortress is Obelisk, Tyr’s citadel and the seat of her power. It appears that the act of raising it has completely destroyed Scande and the surrounding landscape.

: Th-then this is what my people were digging for?! Unearthing it would have taken a lifetime!

: It looks like Jade didn’t care about finesse and just had Tyr rip the whole thing out of the ground.

: What awaits us inside? Only one way to find out.

Okay, this is another bullcrap filler quest, so I’ll be summarizing it briefly with a few screenshots. Basically there’s no way to enter Obelisk except through the cracked floor, but Mogu isn’t strong enough to dig through it. This means you have to fly or warp over to Gramor and talk to the Master Digger there.

Problem is, nobody tells you where the I.Claw is. You have to fly to a tiny island in the middle of the sea in order to progress the quest.

There’s an old woman here who turns out to be a weapon fanatic. She asks if you know anyone else like that. Turns out you actually do – the crazy man who really loves his B.Rangs.

This results in a tedious section where you play messenger boy between these two crazies in order to help the old woman identify an unknown weapon she’s come across. Naturally, it turns out to be the I.Claw.

You take it back to the Master Digger, who shows Mogu how to use it. Then you go back to Obelisk and use it to smash through the floor, ending the pointless filler.

The party falls down into a maze-like area. This first part isn’t too hard since there are only two paths despite how complicated it looks at first glance.

The next floor is much the same, although more complicated and with more moving platforms.

: Who’s that up ahead?

: It’s Goda! He’s one of Jade’s enforcers!

: I’ll stop you if you try!

:…Did that guy just threaten us, then turn around and walk away without even making good on his threat?

: His stupidity is to our advantage. Now we know who we face in here.

: Well, we’ve passed out of the maze at least.

: What is this place anyway? The night sky was somehow below us, and it was daytime when we arrived. How can such a vast space fit inside this building?

: Best not to think about it too hard, princess. The laws of reality get a bit…fuzzy…around Tyr.

: Ignore my warning and face the consequences.

: Your journey has come to an end. Accept your defeat!

: Now he warns us to stay away, then goes ahead and attacks us anyway?

: Whatever. Let’s crush him and continue on.

Goda is Breath of Fire’s third-last boss. Frankly, he’s a total pushover. He only has a single physical attack, and even though he resists physical damage it’s easy to beat him just by spamming magic and using Rudra.

(Video – Goda)

: This can’t be!

: Hurry up and explode already so we can get past.

: Thank you.

And so the party proceeds past the cartoony hole in the wall and ventures into the depths of Obelisk. What awaits them on the other side? Find out next time in the final update of Let's Play Breath of Fire.