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Part 45: Chapter Forty Five: Deus Ex

Now, you might be thinking this is going to be some horribly irritating puzzle where only one of the platforms leads to the correct place. But it’s not! All four lead to separate staircases, but all the staircases lead to the same space on the floor below.

This room may look complicated with all the various levels and platforms, but there’s actually only one route you can take in here.

: Magical furnaces? We saw some of these before, in the stone robot…

: These power Obelisk’s defense systems. With the goddess only recently awakened, I wager she doesn’t yet have enough energy to activate them just yet.

There are two new enemies in this room, which contains some of the final encounters in the game. Let’s list them.

OH GOD IT’S GREMLIN!!! Well, not really. This lookalike is Ruga, and he does have the same moveset as Gremlin. He’s pretty damaging if you let him attack, but since everyone attacks before him it’s easy to just blast him before he has a chance to do anything.

Gargoyles are just pathetic. I don’t even think they have anything beyond a basic physical attack.

: Jade is down here. I just know it.

: And Tyr is just beyond him.

: This ends here, Jade.

: Oh my. Here so soon? I do apologize for the atrocious mess – Tyr and I are still getting things set up, you see. Still, I must say…

: Enough talk. We came here to end the threat of Tyr once and for all.

: Now, now. No need to be so hasty. How about we make a little deal?

:…Are you serious? After everything you did to my sister?!

: Oh, that’s right. My most sincere condolences. My heart aches for your tragedy, truly it does.

: My answer is coming to you on the point of my sword, cur.

Saying “Yes” does not lead to a nonstandard game over or anything. In a rather ham-fisted “But-Thou-Must” moment, Jade will laugh and simply ask you again. If you keep saying yes he’ll toss out some monsters for you to fight, eventually culminating in an M.Slime. In the end, you have to say no in order to proceed.

: Now that I have access to the unfettered power of Tyr, crushing you insects should be no trouble at all. Farewell, Ryu. It truly was a pleasure knowing you.

Jade turns into some freakish…thing…that kinda looks like a burst-open metroid. He has a spore attack that hits everyone for around 50 damage, a physical attack where he shoots one of his red orbs out to deal around 70 damage to a single party member and a lethal BoltX spell that can deal 400 damage to a single character, pretty much guaranteeing a oneshot. He also has a Blizzard spell that deals around 100 damage to every party member. Jade can also cast Shock for an instant kill. Aside from his offensive powers Jade also trucks around with even more HP than Zog, over 20,000, although his second wind isn’t nearly as impressive.

(Video – Jade)

: It’s over, Jade! You’re finished!

:…Ha. Ha! Ha! Ha!

: What?!

: I think plastering your sorry behind all over the floor and walls says otherwise, man.

: Excuses, excuses! You lost! You thought you were a shark, but you’re actually just a minnow, Jade!

: Whatever! It doesn’t matter anyway! This battle was meaningless! You are still swine compared to the goddess!

: Goodbye, Jade.

: Now only Tyr remains.

: Yes. She is waiting down below. Steel yourselves – the goddess will do anything to survive. Don’t fall for her tricks!

Before that, though, it’s a good idea to check behind the throne.

Hidden there is the EmporSD, the most powerful weapon in the game for Ryu. It won’t be seeing much use, but it’s nice to have regardless.

: Welcome, oh brave warriors.

: Did you come to have a wish granted?

Note that it is possible to say ‘Yes’ to Tyr here. She’ll laugh and offer you wealth, power and immortality before healing the entire party to full health. Which is good since Jade probably did a number on your AP at the very least.

: No. No, I did not.

: Are you sure? You could ask for anything, and I would grant it. With my power you could rebuild Drogan. The Light Dragons need not fear anyone with me at your side. You could lead the world into a new golden age! Come, just ask it, and I will lend you my power.

: No! I will not be tempted. Drogan can be rebuilt without your power. I will not allow you to tear our clan apart once again!

: I see. But what about your companions? Princess Nina, for instance. I can see what it is you want, princess. You want to be free of your royal ties, free to go where you wish, to speak with who you wish, to marry who you wish. I can grant this wish. Just ask, and it will be done.

: You are right. I have often thought about what it would be like to not be the future Queen of Winlan. However, that is a burden that I must carry. Shirking my duty would cast Winlan into chaos, perhaps raising a tyrant in my place. I will not be tempted.

: Is that so? Very well – Bo. I see you have suffered a great tragedy recently. Your neighboring town was destroyed by a callous and ambitious man. But I could bring it back. Even the dead could be raised and walk again. And the forest clan would rule the woods and forests forever. Such a wish would be easy for me to grant.

: Your words are poison, goddess. As painful as it is to say, the dead are the dead. They do not belong in the world of the living. Tuntar will be rebuilt, but it will be done through the combined efforts of the humans and the forest clan. It is through our bonds that we grow strong, not by relying on the whims of a cruel and willful deity!

: How disappointing. And what of you, Karn? Have you never wondered who your real parents are, and the exact legacy of your long-forgotten clan? I could tell you, if you like. I could make you the greatest thief in the world, the greatest of all time!

: Goddess lady, I don’t give a rat’s ass about my parents or anything else. I got over them a long time ago. The present is more important than the past. And as for the other thing, I’m already the greatest thief in the world, so you can take your little wish and shove it.

:…Hm. Perhaps the merchant will see more clearly than the rest of you. Gobi, I could make you a giant of the financial world. You could have as much money and influence as you wanted! Just say the word, and I’ll put you in control of the entire world’s trade!

:…If you had offered me this deal before I met Ryu and the others, I would have accepted without question. However, having witnessed their struggles, I now see that money and status are both things one must strive for. They must be earned. I will become the greatest trader in the world, but I will do it with my own resources and my own knowledge!

: Surprising. Ah, but what does the Iron Ogre say to all this? Ox, I know how your clan suffers. Always the first to be targeted during wars, always the first to be enslaved and put to work making weapons. But…I could make sure that nobody could harm your people ever again. With my protection you need not fear the tyrant’s lash. What do you say, Ox?

:…I refuse. Though our power to make weapons is not something to be proud of, it is something we have to deal with on our own. What we do is none of your concern. That’s all there is to say.

: I-I see…and Mogu? Is there nothing you would ask of me? Your people have been treated harshly by Zog. If you wish it, I can help them recover. I could make you masters of the earth.

: No. No, I don’t think so. We will recover on our own, and we have no desire to rule or gain dominance over anyone. We have no need of you, Tyr.

:…What…? Does nobody have a wish?

: Too bad, Tyr. We know all of your tricks.

:…I should have known you would be here, Bleu. Or should I call you by your real name? You detestable woman. I won’t bother asking you what you want.

: Good! There’s nothing I want anyway! There’s nothing any of us want!

: Then, why are you here? Why do you have your sword out? Are you ready to fight?

: That’s right. Tyr…prepare to meet your end.

The battle with Tyr begins! Tyr doesn’t attack, so the party is free to wail on her until her HP bar is empty. After that a cutscene triggers where Tyr begs for mercy, after which the battle resumes. Tyr will then begin attacking. She has a physical attack that deals around 50 damage to a single party member. She also has a Blizzard spell that does 100 damage to the whole party, and she will alternate between these two attacks. Overall, she’s not too hard and goes down more easily than expected.

…But just attacking her like that leads to the Bad Ending. The party defeats Tyr and the credits roll, but a scene afterwards reveals that Tyr is still alive and well, enraged and unrepentant. To get the good ending, you have to use Agni right away once the battle begins.

Agni transforms the entire party into a single massive dragon. It requires the entire party, so Karn cannot be fused with anyone. Attacking once with Agni ends the fight momentarily.

: Last time, perhaps. But this time the hero has Agni on his side.

: The power of Agni can reveal the truth behind all illusions! I will shatter the deception around you and reveal your true form, so that all can see your ugliness!


This is the real final boss – Tyr’s true form. Tyr has two physical attacks where she spits skulls and energy balls at the party. The latter is particularly lethal, potentially dealing around 200 damage to a single party member. She also has a Comet spell that damages the entire party for exactly 70 damage. Tyr’s power is offset by Agni, however. Agni has 999 HP and deals a flat 999 damage to every enemy on the field regardless of their defenses. It also has extremely beefy defense that lowers the damage caused by her energy balls down to 70-ish rather than 200+.

With Agni the battle is fairly boring since it involves attacking every turn and healing when necessary. Tyr has 50,000 HP, so the battle is sure to take a while. Eventually she goes down and the battle ends, awarding the party a measly 10 exp and 12 gold.

(Video – Goddess Tyr)

: I shall return.

: Not this time, Tyr. With Agni’s power there is no need to seal you. Your life is over for good.

: : What's this?! power can kill me! I can't...I could never...!!


:…It’s all over.

:…! Look out! The floor is collapsing!

:…Once again, we find ourselves with nowhere to run.

: Stay calm, everyone. I have a plan.

: Ha!

: Heh. Nice catch, lady.

: I will take us back to Winlan. Hold on tight!

Sara’s ghost stands before the party.

: You turned the tables on the goddess of destruction. You and your companions completed the mission of the legendary warriors.

: Sister…thank you. It’s not what I set out to do at the beginning, but I am thankful that it worked out for the best.

: Indeed. But the story doesn’t end here, Ryu.

: Perhaps, one day, people will no longer remember the deeds of you and your companions. One day the Dragon Clan may disappear entirely.

: That is fine. We did not do this for glory.

: It makes me happy to hear you say that, Ryu.

: Goodbye Ryu. You made me very proud. You are a true warrior.

: Goodbye…sister.

: I’ll remember that you saved the world.

: As your sister said…

: It’s finally over.

: It’s about time!

: You must help those who lost much during the war.

: A real hero doesn’t quit until the job is done.

: We’re making history! We’ll all be legends, someday.

: That’s right.

: Again with the money! Is he really worthy of hero status?

: I-I did as much as any of you! D-Didn’t I, Ryu?

: Heh, That’s our Gobi.

: There’s still a lot of work left to be done. Tell the king that I’ll return when I’m ready.

: Okay then! Let us fly!

: Camlon, huh. My first big adventure took place there, inside the castle walls. It seems so long ago now.

: Hey, there’s Krypt! Hmm…Come to think of it, the traps in there were kinda lame…Heh, I got it! One day, I’ll build my own dungeon. I’ll fill it with traps and treasure. But what should I call it…? Ah, I know! The “Thieves Tomb”! Yeah, that’s what I’ll call it.

: There’s Gust. The people there can rest easy now without Cort there to make their lives miserable.

: Don’t worry, Mogu! You can do it!

: Y-you think so? Okay, I’ll give it a go!

: See? You can do it when you put your mind to it! Goodbye, little friend, and best of luck to you.

:…Hold. We seem to have lost the sorceress.

:…I have a feeling I know where she is.

: *Yawn* All of this adventuring has made me sleepy…wake me up in about…say…five hundred years or so, would you?

:…My son…oh, and he has his mother’s eyes.

: Let’s work together to make this world fit for children once again.

:…Indeed. Farewell, everyone! If you should find yourselves near Gant one day, do not hesitate to pay us a visit!

: Goodbye, everyone! And don’t forget – you still owe me for those Gills! Hmm…I could do a lot with that kind of money, you know. If I invest it wisely…haha, that’s it! It’s a foolproof plan! One day every shop in the land will be run by Manillo working for Gobi Enterprises!

: So long, guys. It was a real treat knowing you all. Even you, lady.

:…And you too, Karn.

: Eh? You say something?

:…Oh, it must have been the wind.

: The hunt was long and tiring, but in the end our quarry was felled. I would run with you again, if possible, but first I must help rebuild Tuntar.

: Good luck with that, Bo. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to ask.

: Thank you. I’ll keep that in mind.

: Well, we are finally back in Winlan. It was a long journey. I started off having never gone beyond here, and I come back having travelled the entire world. It is a strange feeling.

: I am sure the experience will prove invaluable once you take the throne.

: I hope so.

: Well, here we are. I suppose this is where we part.

: I suppose it is.

:…I hope I can count on your support in the future, Ryu. It is very lonely in the palace sometimes – I would be happy if you visited occasionally.

: Of course. Once Drogan is rebuilt I will come here as often as I can. See you later, Nina.

: Drogan is just over the next hill. It feels like only a few hours ago I was rushing out into the world, full of fire and impatience. Ah, there it is. The town is still in ruins, but one day its buildings will stand tall once more. War may come, battles may be fought and blood may be spilled, but no matter what, one thing remains certain. People will always struggle back up and continue to live on, no matter how bad things get. Isn’t that right…


And so the credits roll.


The developers thank us for playing, and then the screen cuts over to a still image.

Well, that’s the end of the game. I just about managed to post one update per day – it being the holidays when I started helped to build the buffer up a bit. All there is left to say is that I hope you guys enjoyed reading this LP as much as I enjoyed making it – you’ve been a terrific audience. The credits have rolled, and it’s time to close the curtains on this playthrough. I’ll be posting the final bit of bonus content shortly, including more boss art and a special event that happens if you defeat Tyr with a certain item equipped.


Just a minute…it feels like I’m forgetting something.

There was something else, wasn’t there?

Something else that flashes across the screen after the final image of Nina and Ryu vanishes.

…What was it again?

Oh, that’s right.

It was this, wasn’t it?

Oh my. It’s Ryu Bateson from Breath of Fire II. Which is, unsurprisingly, the next game I plan to LP.

Until then, thanks for reading.