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Part 46: Extra Content, Part I

Now that we're getting into the meat of the game, so to speak, I think it's time to post some additional content.


SNES Game Covers

First let's take a look at the SNES game cover.

What's Conan doing on there? In fact, every character featured looks like they're full of VIOLENCE and FURY. Honestly though, the Japanese box art is only slightly less wrathful.

I like the image of the dragon behind all of the characters in this version. It's odd that it's not present in the US's cover, particularly since dragons feature as a prominent part of the game.


Official Character Art

Okay, so we've seen the art for the game. How does the official character art stack up in comparison?

...Huh. There's something different about the two, but I just can't put my finger on it...

And here's Nina, showcasing quite clearly the Standard Female RPG Character Invincibility Areas. Going out adventuring? Just grab a leotard and some boots, you'll be fine!

Sara, on the other hand, is an NPC and so is free to dress more sensibly. Not that it really helped her against Jade, though. Speaking of which...

Ah, back in a time when oversized shoulderpads and long flowing locks weren't a sure indication of style over substance. Look at that smug face. I imagine every line that comes out of his mouth as being voiced by Tim Curry.